Between the Trans-Scam and the Gene-Therapy Shots, Western Medicine is Approaching a Threat to Health

1. Boston Hospital releases and removes video saying that Children can know they are “transgender” in the womb.

2. Former WWE Wrestler Sara Lee Has Died at the Age of 30

Sara Lee Weston, a former WWE wrestler and the winner of WWE’s reality competition series Tough Enough in 2015, suddenly passed away at the young age of 30.

Sara’s mother, Terri Lee shared the tragic news on her Facebook account Thursday but did not provide any details on the cause of death.

(No COD. But from the look of her, it was not an excess of freezer cakes.)

3. “What I’ve Seen In The Past Two Years Is Unprecedented”: Renowned OB/GYN tells Dr. Drew That He Has Seen an “Off the Charts” Rise in Miscarriages and Fetal Abnormalities Since the Vaccine Was Introduced – (VIDEO)

Dr. James Thorp – a board-certified OBGYN and Maternal Fetal Medicine Physician with over 43 years of clinical experience – joined Dr. Kelly Victory and Dr. Drew earlier this week to discuss recent studies on mRNA Covid vaccines and the adverse effects they have had on pregnant women since they were introduced.

In the past two years (since the mRNA vaccine was introduced), Dr. Thorp explained that he has seen an “off-the-charts” rise in sudden fetal death and adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as fetal malformation and even fetal cardiac arrest, among his patients.


In his expert opinion, the culprit for the unprecedented spike in tragic outcomes can be nothing other than the experimental Covid-19 vaccine. To back up his claims, he cites several recent studies that compared miscarriage rates to other vaccines, such as the flu vaccine, and recent studies that have shown the mRNA spike protein from the Covid jab can be passed from mother to child, both in utero and through breastmilk.

4. Former Blackrock exec and Hedge Fund manager, Ed Dowd speaks for an hour and fourteen minutes on how an analysis of the numbers of deaths are more than just a strong signal that the mRNA shots are killing a lot more people than the virus did.

5. Arrests MUST be made over the scamdemic. We KNOW that the people who imposed these illegal measures knew the models were lies. Not to mention that “A leading member of SAGE is a lifelong member of the Communist party”.

Thank you all for paying attention. Most certainly the obligation now on those of us who know, is to help nicely, kindly, and lovingly, educate those who do not yet understand what took place in the past few years. After all, what do we have left to lose?

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