MAGA – Make America God-Fearing Again

One of the deceptions rampant in the organized church is that if people will follow liturgy or ritual; if people will simply attend church and keep church traditions and do not confront grievous sins it is believed those doing such have all they need and have God figured-out. Not only is such sentiment sorely wrong and indefensible but, in part, such unchallenged teaching along with generally poor teaching to ready people for the times we are in and those about to unfold, El Shaddai (God Almighty – God is all powerful, Genesis 17:1; Psalm 91:1) is moving to present Signs and Wonders the likes not seen since the Days of Noah and the Days of Exodus.

It is my conviction the Lord Attiq Yomin (The Ancient of Days – God is the ultimate authority who has such authority to judge ALL nations, Daniel 7:9, 13) has reached His limit, and is now beginning the process of humbling, seriously disciplining and bringing punishment to America, as well as across all the nations. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will respond. They will come before the Lord with true humility and ownership, seek the Lord’s discipline in full measure not petition merely for a slap on the wrist. Others will be removed instantly from this life, as they have become reprobate casting their allegiance to the lord of darkness. This last group will include, but not be limited to those in the political, economic, corporate, medical and science professions. You will witness churches shuttered, pastors removed, some then restored after full and complete humbling and discipline for the worldly gospel they have promoted; others completely removed.

The Lord has directed me to blow the Shofar of Warning as to what is about to come to this Land named America; this Land which chose at formation to place God first and follow His lead, His direction for the construction of a earthly government and economy. America has chosen to turn from the covenant and submission (meaning cooperation) that ordained this nation. The Lord God chose the people of Israel to be His; America’s Forefathers chose God to follow and lead this exceptional Nation. The Lord God has been calling a Remnant that will again wait upon Him, submit to Him, share His Gospel not the gospel of man.

What follows are the Words of the Lord given to one of His Prophets who resides in the State of Texas. I have known this man for five years. This servant of the Lord is a Seer and Prophet of many years. The following message was given to this present-day Prophet just the other night, and he was instructed by the Lord to give the same to me as a Watchman for me to sound the Shofar of Warning!

In lamentation and grief of soul hear the decree of “Alpha and the Omega,” the “Beginning and the End” whose eyes are torches of fire. My Watchman, it is time to Blow the Shofar over this adulterous land and to rebuke the rebellious who wickedly committed whoredom with many lovers. Shall I send a knife to cut a rotten root or a hammerstone to break idols of stone? The “Righteous Branch” will send My “battle ax” to chop and uproot and a “sledgehammer” to pulverize your calves of gold. Thus says the Lord, hear O foolish mockers without understanding, which have eyes, and see NOT; which have ears and hear NOT! My wrath as a consuming fire is against those who turn justice into bitterness of wormwood and cast the righteous to the ground. You have been exposed for the wickedness of your hearts, in pride, you corrupt yourselves at the alters of pleasure and seek exalted positions all the while killing the innocent and trampling the poor. As your father was a murderer from the beginning and filled with lies and deceptions, you satisfy your evil passions and say the Lord does not see nor take heed of our ways. Blinded and deceived, the Lord God utters His voice, and the blasting trumpets of My Watchmen are sounded. Woe, for the day of destruction and desolation enters as a thief in the night, a day of darkness and gloom is at your door.

Reprobates of a nation founded for light and truth, you swallow lies of deceit as a gluttonous beast but reject your creator. Your abominations have ascended on high as you worship the lies of evolution and seek to redefine your creation to indulge in vanity and evil pleasures. Mockers and defilers, it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the true God who created man and forms the seed in the womb. Sudden destruction and mischief shall befall you as the bite of the serpent you worship and the sting of the scorpion you honor.

As Rachel wailed for her children, you shall know the pains and suffering and great loss and which of your idols of silver and gold can offer a cure for grievous wounds in that day. Alas…alas…the Lord does bring forth true justice and recompense to those who give themselves over to impunity and indulge in the unnatural depravity with animals and defile themselves in sensual perversity. This adulterous generation has chosen the profit of Balaam and the murder of the innocent as Cain – you will perish as the rebellion of Korah and in the fire that the Lord of Retribution rained on “religious hypocrites.”

Therefore, because you tread upon the poor and take the food off his table and the blanket of warmth; your ill-gotten gain and luxurious palaces will be given to a stranger. You have planted pleasant vineyards, but you shall not drink their wine. As you afflict the uncompromising of My children (righteous) and take a bribe for the destruction of the nation, you will seek Me in false humility and supplication, but I will not hear! Though you pled as a mother for her children and offer that which you will not (actually) do, I will NOT listen to the melody of your harps or accept the vanity of your incense!

I AM the Lord God who watches over the seven stars and walks among the seven lampstands of gold, thus My decree has gone forth to the watchers – those whom I have called as Watchman – to blow the trumpet and remain faithful – for I know My Sheep, and will keep them in the day of trouble.

The prophetic word ended. Thus saith the Lord of lords and King of kings.

©Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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