The Putin Biden KGB Border Plot

“A popular government without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both.” — James Madison

Yes, I agree, it is perhaps both and we have it in Biden’s America. That is the reason to continue the discussion on the ideology I am maintaining for over thirty years. Hunter Biden’s lab-story has been dismissed as Russian disinformation and fifty-one CIA experts confirmed it. In fact, there was more than Hunter’s lab-story, it was a Joe Biden story and the KGB/Border Plot will expose it. Familiar to you, Mexican Cartels is a false term, those are the Russian Cartels in Mexico. People who know the history of Stalinism are aware of that. After being defeated in the Spanish Civil War, Stalin brought several thousand Spanish orphans to Russia. These boys and girls had been placed in a special dormitory and trained by the KGB. Later, in 1950-1960th the young men and women had been sent to Central America and Mexico. Though all Cartels have the Latin names, Putin’s KGB is running all of them. There are only Drug Cartels bringing annually $30 Billion earned by Russia on the American Southern border.

The letter signed by fifty-one experts presented a very troublesome event. Their signatures illustrate their incompetence, uselessness, and even stupidity. The question is who organized the event and signing of the letter by those incompetent experts. In this respect, I have to remind you that the FBI and CIA are failed to protect us and the American interests due to their incompetence pertaining Russia and its KGB’s Mafia/Army. None of the four FBI Directors was able to identify the Trump/Dossier produced by the KGB. You can answer the question, knowing that it took me a couple of seconds in 2017 to recognize the Trump/Dossier as a KGB’s Falshivka, a usual KGB’s FRAUD. But my writings have been banned by the FBI to prevent you from knowing the truth since 2002. It could be Mueller himself who submitted my name to the FISA Court to cover-up the Dems’ crime.

There are other evidence of old KGB’s profession—human trafficking. Those who know the history of the KGB should remember the events under the Warsaw Pact in the Eastern Europe. Blond young women from Poland and Czechoslovakia had been sold by the KGB to the Muslim countries. Human smuggling started by the KGB in the 20th century and continues by Vladimir Putin in the 21st century. Human smuggling organizations run by the KGB are alive and well today. Whether you know it or don’t know, the fact remains: Russia was and is a Terrorist State destabilizing people’s life globally.

Did you know that Russia has been systematically sabotaging America through drugs since the 1955 Soviet Law of the Revolutionary War? A hundred thousand Americans killed by drugs in 2021. Biden’s open borders policy works in unison with the KGB’s terrorist activities across the globe, promoting drugs and illegal migration to America. The scale of the KGB’s activities is unprecedented—180 countries. Pay attention to the strategy of targeting children without the parents in those countries. Why was the government transporting children by night in America? Who needs the secrecy? Does it remind you Stalinist motivation and projection to use those children later on? Do you recognize Stalinist ideology?

The similarities are even more threatening. Stalinist agenda to destroy American Capitalism has been a model for Biden’s presidency since the first day in the White House by closing a Key Stone pipeline and waging war on fossil fuel. In fact, Biden’s policy has initiated a global crisis: the natural resources fossil fuel, gas, and coal are the driving force of the global economic engine and there is nothing else now to substitute it. The Putin/Biden plot had established a Globalist World Order against a free market capitalism. This is the beginning of WWIII, deliberately choreographed by the Dems to save their traitorous existence.

Now, when your eyes are more open, don’t be surprised by the number of countries infiltrated by the KGB: the agency has been operating during the 20th century and beyond. It spread from North to South, from a girl-Greta in Sweden, an emotional and nervous agitator for “climate change” to “prevent people’s extinction” to the South-Africa Communist government where the KGB is in control and power. Although John Durham’s hands were tied, he is on the right path. Unfortunately, his investigation will not be completed. But the major focus now emphasizes the FBI as a main bad actor. John Durham is right. I was warning you about the FBI and CIA for the last thirty years…

Fascism Never Sleeps

As a former Soviet attorney, I know the Soviet System pretty well and write about it in my books and columns over thirty years. The resemblance to fascism I saw living through Stalinism and learning it in reality. People surrounding me called the Soviet System—Stalinism. The special features of Stalinism and Fascism had been identical: the weaponization of Law Enforcement and establishment of a variety of punitive agencies to control and power over the population. This is the reason that the major topic of my writings is the KGB’s Mafia/Army, which represents all of them.

I choose the term KGB to represent all those punitive agencies, because these three letters have been pretty well familiar to America and the world. The more I write, the more I am convinced that this discussion is a necessity in America and the world today. Some people in America have heard Stalin’s name, but only some. The discussion on whether we are dealing with Soviet Socialism or Soviet fascism is vital today under Biden’s Presidency. Biden called me “Semi-Fascist,” but when I am experiencing something very familiar to me, I recognize it. By the way, the Soviet people called the KGB—the Soviet Gestapo. In this respect, I have to remind you of W. Churchill’s idea: “The fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists.” Pay attention to Antifa and BLM—they have the same parents.

I was following Biden’s Clan-family for decades. For me, Biden’s personal and open participation in the Clan began in 2013-2014, when Obama appointed him as a point man for Ukraine. You saw it, when Biden publicly pronounced quid-pro-quod, threatening Ukraine with $Billion if a prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden hasn’t fired. It was the time, when Putin/Biden were together suffocating the young Ukrainian democracy. Nothing has changed since and The Putin/Biden KGB/Border Plot proves that. James Madison was right: “It is a prologue to a farce or a tragedy, or perhaps both.”

There is another “Red Flag” for the Biden presidency—the Iranian Deal. I was writing about and introducing you to the term “Axis of Evil” for decades. It was created under the Russian umbrella to wage the war against Western civilization in the 20th century. You are watching the continuation of this war by Putin and Chairman Xi Jinpin, both united by the ideology and agenda left to them by Comrade Stalin: One World Socialist Government under the Kremlin Rule.  Look at the “Axis of Evil” countries: North Korea, China, Belarus, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Cuba, they are all terrorists’ countries. Biden’s Iranian Deal is his attempt to join the group, instead of fighting their Socialist agenda “under the Russian umbrella.” Isn’t This Treason?

The Biden alternative universe has been built by Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication and fraud… Stalinist Soviet Union had been built the same exact way in the 20th century. I was stunned, watching Dan Bongino interview with the FBI whistleblower Steve Friend. He described events in the FBI that gravely affected his family. Steve Friend told the story of hundreds of my clients, who came to my law office and like him said that they didn’t want to comply with the regime of Stalinist Socialism… In all my books and columns I was introducing you to Socialist modus operandi to warn you: The Democrat Party behaves the same exact metastasized way—it shapes Soviet Socialism with the help of the FBI in America. Read my column: A Global Spy Ring.

Watch Biden’s deceptive-maneuvering on Ukraine, he learned a lot from the KGB policy of “disinformation.” He is the KGB’s puppet with dementia. As Putin started war on Ukraine February 24, 2022, the White House reaction was unambiguous: the war will last three days and Ukraine will be defeated. Then Biden offered President Zelenskyy to send a plane and bring him and his family to America. That infuriated me. By continuing my public discussion of the ideology, I wrote a column defending Ukraine and expressing my disagreement with the White House: The Global Threat of Anti-Semitism: Fascism, February 28, 2022. The next day, March 1, 2022 was Biden’s State of the Union Address at 9 p.m. EST. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears, the attitude to the Russian war on Ukraine had been changed to 180 degree. It took me sometimes to find the rationale, but I did.

History is the Mother of all sciences and my column on February 28, 22 presented a misfortunate fate of Ukraine under Soviet Socialism. It also reveals Putin’s desire to build again the Russian Empire in Europe. As a matter of fact, without Ukraine there can’t be a Russian Empire. Ukraine is a European country and the Putin aggressive war where Russia is killing everything alive is the dictator’s desire to build the Russian Empire. The White House has been reading my columns since 2002. Reading the last one gave Biden’s team the idea of saving the Democrat Party and preventing its extinction for the crime they had been committing for decades. That was the rationale for using Ukraine…

But hold your horses! The Republicans still don’t perceive the global scale of the issue. The sabotage against the American Constitutional Republic began many decades ago. I had evidence about Bill Clinton and since him the Democrat Party was engaged in malfeasances against the American political system. In 2016 Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin cooked up a plan to destroy Donald J. Trump and the KGB’s production of Trump/Dossier had popped up. We are still in the labyrinth, puzzled to find the correct answers today in 2022, six years later. This is a result of our incompetence about Russia and its Intel Apparatus that destroying us from within. For America to survive that knowledge is imperative today.

American existence is at stake: Warning by a Former Soviet Attorney.

Joe Biden signed a dozen executive orders in his first hours as president. Do you know who produced those executive orders? It is obvious now that Biden himself couldn’t do it. Who did? Loving my adopted country with all my heart, I am telling you for over thirty years the story of What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction Part III. This is the story of the war against the American Constitutional Republic from within—the history of first unprecedented infiltration of the foreign agencies into the heart of America. Do you know what the KGB’s Mafia/Army means? Racial division, refusal to prosecute crime, corrupt conflicts of interest, compromising connections between the Dem leaders and Russian & Chinese Intel agencies is exposed. Violent crime is rising and public safety escapes America until we learn of the KGB’s Mafia/Army. We are dealing with the ideology of Soviet fascism that never sleeps, hence our national security is at stake. Please, read this book, to prevent the American Tragedy.

NOTE: Please order Simona’s new book What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction Part III.

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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