A Cold Winter Is Coming Over The Netherlands

Current policies of the Dutch Government lead to the rapid destruction of my country.

The Netherlands is being ruled by a four-party coalition. But the ruling Conservative Party has dropped all conservative values, the two ruling Christian parties have abandoned Christian values, and the fourth party was founded as a pragmatic classical liberal party, but has become a far left party. This fourth party, Democrats 66 would be more adequately called Demons 666 if it were up to me, for they are the most powerful and most destructive party of them all, and they are completely Woke as well.

As you are aware, mass immigration of Third World and Middle-Eastern people who seek to profit from our riches, is an ever increasing problem. The more the Dutch Government does to solve the problem of the lack of housing for these people, with the more they come. Asylum seekers are now getting housed on luxurious cruise ships and in 4 star hotels, while ordinary young Dutch people can’t afford buying a small apartment or have to wait more then 10 years on a list for social housing.

The situation for the farmers is getting more dire. The government has shown fake interest in their worries, and is continuing its drive to push them off their lands. Some Farmers are receiving letters from the Department of Agriculture that they are not permitted to produce potatoes or certain popular vegetables any longer, for this would supposedly be bad for the environment.

More and more fishermen are quitting. Their boats’ engines run on diesel and this has become terribly expensive.

Near my home in Amsterdam, near the famous Albert Cuyp market, a small bakery has just closed. Their energy bill went up 8000 Euros per month, about 8000 US$. The young owner can’t afford this and can’t ask 10 US$ for a small bread. Nobody would buy that. We are in fact seeing traditional bakeries all over the Netherlands going bankrupt or quitting now. In the future our only option for bread will be to either bake it at home or to buy the mediocre factory made bread of the supermarkets.

Due to the inflation all prices are up. The inflation is caused by quantative easing by the European Central Bank. In normal English: creating money out of thin air. The ECB has created trillions over the past years, and we now all see what that leads to. But our government is blaming inflation on Russia.. what a blatant lie.

Besides all the economic worries, Dutch people have worries about the state of our democracy as well. The government wants to shut down the only TV news broadcaster that is critical of its policies. There are even voices heard to ban a small opposition party. More and more often, during debates in Parliament, the mic is switched off when the opposition speaks and uses a harsh word!

MP Geert Wilders is receiving thousands of e-mails daily from Dutch citizens who can’t afford their energy bills any longer and don’t have enough money for food.

But our Government of leftist elites is completely deaf for the needs of the ordinary citizens and small and medium size business owners. They refuse to change course. Climate hysteria is indeed a dangerous mental disorder. So is the desire for national suicide through mass immigration policies.

By the way, our Parliament is currently discussing a new transgender law, that would open the door to child mutilation and men being permitted to enter women only places, as long as these men claim to be women.

Is there anything positive that I can tell you? Yes, the Party for Freedom of the courageous and patriotic Geert Wilders, the only commonsense opposition party, is gaining more and more popularity.


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