REPORT: Paul Pelosi’s Attacker Was In The U.S. Illegally

The suspect who attacked Paul Pelosi on Friday with a hammer is allegedly in the U.S. illegally, according to Fox News.

Forty-two year-old David DePape broke into the Pelosi’s private San Francisco home on Friday and allegedly assaulted Pelosi with a hammer. DePape has since been charged with crimes including attempted homicide, assault with a deadly weapon and elder abuse.

Fox’s national correspondent Bill Melugin reported DePape is illegally residing in the U.S.

“NEW: Per ICE source, Dave DePape, the suspect accused of beating Paul Pelosi in his home with a hammer after breaking in, is currently in the U.S. illegally as a ‘longtime’ visa overstay,” Melugin reported.

The Daily Caller has reached out to ICE to confirm DePape’s immigration status.

DePape allegedly forced his way through the back door of the home before going upstairs in search of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. DePape allegedly had a hammer, zip ties and duct tape and was yelling “where is Nancy” before confronting Paul.

Paul Pelosi allegedly told DePape he had to use the bathroom before secretly calling 911 and leaving the line open so dispatchers could hear Paul and DePape talking, The Los Angeles Times reported. Paul stated the intruder was waiting for his wife and called DePape a “friend” named David, the dispatcher told police.

Officers were dispatched to the house around 2:27 a.m., and knocked on the front door, which was reportedly opened by “someone inside,” San Francisco Police Chief William Scott said.



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