NYPD Whistleblower Claims Mayor’s Office Ignoring Court Order that Reinstates Unvaccinated Officers

Project Veritas Action (PVA) released a new video today featuring a leaked email provided by a New York Police Department whistleblower.

An NYPD insider claimed City Hall was ignoring an order issued by the New York State Supreme Court which ruled that public sector employees who were fired for being unvaccinated be reinstated with back pay.

Here are some of the highlights from today’s video:

  • NYPD Insider: “So, they are continuing to send these emails out and deny people their religious accommodation request. Even after this judge’s order.”
  • NYPD Insider: “My department has — they can’t provide me with a number to even contact anybody to speak to them. So, it’s basically — it’s a secretive process. You have no idea who is reviewing your [religious] exemption…What standard did my letter not meet? You know? So, they’re basically telling you that your religious beliefs are not religious enough for them.”
  • NYPD Insider: “You know, the city is still going after officers, trying to fire us. So, that was something the [police] union brought forward and said, ‘Listen, you always said, “Follow the science.” And you’re not even doing that now, because the people in charge of it, the CDC, are telling you — you don’t need to fire us anymore and you’re still doing it.’”
  • NYPD Insider: “What I’m hearing from the Mayor’s Office is that they’ve already fired enough people. That if this gets reversed, they’re looking at a lot of lawsuits from those people who have been fired. So, they have to — they can’t go back on it, even if they want to…Then those people who were fired six, seven, eight months ago, turn around and say, ‘Hey you fired me and you’re not firing people now? Now I’m going to sue the city.’ So, the city is kind of — they put themselves in a rock and a hard place…They’ve already jumped in with both feet. They can’t come out now and change their mind or they are going to open themselves up to a tremendous amount of lawsuits.”

You can watch the video HERE.

PVA recently exposed one of Mayor Adams’ aides, Chris Baugh, who was terminated by the city after telling an undercover journalist that he had no sympathy for police officers who were fired for being unvaccinated.

Baugh had also stated there was not any real good reason for the city to keep a vaccine mandate in place for public sector employees.

Mayor Adams said he decided to terminate Baugh’s employment because of his comments about NYPD officers.

The question remains as to why the city appears to discriminate against its officers with a vaccine mandate after the judge’s order to reinstate those already fired.

EDITORS NOTE: This Project Veritas video exposé is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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