Serious as a Heart Attack: The U.S. Military Is Weak

The 2023 Index of U.S. Military Strength from the Heritage Foundation is alarming.  For the first time, overall U.S. military strength is rated as ‘weak’ and declining.  We are at risk of not being able to fight a war, things are that bad.  The Army is considered ‘marginal’ and only two-thirds the size it needs to be.  The Navy is rated ‘weak’ because the number of ships is going down and the investment has not been made to keep our adversaries from closing the technology gap.  Technology is also a factor in rating the Air Force and our Space Force as ‘weak’.  Fighter planes are aging and counter-space capabilities are not being developed, while our adversaries are bounding ahead.  The Marines and our nuclear deterrent are rated as bright spots but, overall, the U.S. military suffers from a lack of funding and, most disturbingly, a lack of seriousness.  Anyone observing the Woke Pentagon’s descent into critical race theory and transgenderism can see that.

The report recommends, among other things, increased defense funding, more shipbuilding, more stealth F-35 multi-purpose aircraft, and addressing the military’s growing recruitment crisis.  I don’t see how you can address recruitment unless you stop teaching the troops America is a horrible, rotten, racist place not worth fighting or dying for.

Let’s see what else the lack of seriousness about national security has pointed up recently, shall we?  The Biden administration changed U.S. nuclear doctrine to rely less on nuclear weapons as a hedge against future threats and breakouts by nuclear rivals.  In practical terms, the new policy signals the elimination of hundreds of nuclear weapons at a time when China and Russia are beefing up their own nuclear forces.  Decreased American nuclear strength will have all kinds of ramifications on the battlefield, in diplomacy, and at the negotiating table.

The administration also stopped the development of nuclear-armed sea-launched cruise missiles, despite the recommendations of senior military officials the program continue.

The lack of seriousness is also shown by the depletion of U.S. stocks of key weapons sent to Ukraine including Stingers, Javelin anti-tank missiles, howitzers, and ammunition.  It is feared the U.S. has only a week’s worth of missiles left for its own use.  The problem has been ignored for years and experts worry we may not have the industrial base left to meet our needs.

In the meantime, Russia is threatening commercial satellites over the West’s stance in Ukraine, North Korea is building underwater nuclear weapons silos, and China is positioning the ports it owns in Latin America for military and geopolitical advantage.   Moreover, the decidedly un-serious Biden administration still refers to the U.S. as being in friendly “competition” with China when knowledgeable observers say World War III has already begun.  No surprise there.  Chinese communist leaders all the way back to Mao Zedong have declared their goal is world domination and the end of the United States.

We have a President more concerned about his ice cream cones than our national defense, and a Woke Pentagon too busy putting on drag shows to entertain the troops to prepare them for possible conflicts ahead.  It’s time to get serious, folks.  You can start by throwing the chucklehead Democrats out of office next Tuesday.

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