MILITARIZING ELECTIONS: Florida Bans Biden’s DOJ Federal ‘Election Monitors’ From Polling Places

National Guard Cybersecurity Units Activated in 14 States Ahead of Midterm Elections: Reports

Florida Department of State hits back at The Department of Justice –

“FEDERAL ELECTION ‘monitors’ ARE NOT PERMITTED INSIDE POLLING PLACES as it would be counterproductive and could potentially undermine confidence in the election.”




Democrats are right: Democracy is on the ballot today

BREAKING: Voting Machines Down in New Jersey’s Mercer County, “County-Wide System Outage.”

ABC News Preps The Steal: “Republican Leads Will Crumble Completely, After Perceived ‘Dumps’ of Votes’

Arizona Maricopa County: Machines “Not Working” and Ballots Being “Misread”

IT BEGINS: NYC Polling Station Temporarily Shut Down Due To Pipe Bomb Threat

Democrats Are Not Going To Relinquish Power Peacefully

RNC Prepares For Election Integrity Legal Fights As Midterms Get Underway

Fetterman Sues to Have Illegal, Undated, Misdated Ballots Counted in PA

Officials Report Voting Machine Malfunctions, Issues Just Hours Into Election Day

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