Communist China Fracturing & The Chinese People Rising

“If you do not dismantle the CCP they will come to you, sooner or later.” — Allen Zeng.

Allen Zeng has set up radio stations beaming real news into Communist China reaching many millions. Please visit Sound of Hope.

The below video documents the beginning of fracture in the brutal Chi-Com tyranny.

The bloody CCP is already here Dear Friends.

They form one arm of a pincer movement upon the American Republic.

The other of course, being those who taught the Chinese Communists these unmannerly, godless behaviors – namely the British Crown’s Privy Council at behest of their Anglo-Banker Mammon Masters, the Rothschilds & their minions.

Click here to view the list of those who are now consorting with the CCP, forming the British-Chinese Horde.

Together they would not suffer. The American People to have two consecutive US Presidential terms of office, in The People’s broader return to traditional American values.

Repudiate the CCP & the Bankers in all things, everywhere you find them.

And pray unceasingly for God’s grace in America’s broader revival of humble worship of the Father.

©DEACON. All rights reserved.



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