Americans Are Losing Trust in the U.S. Military

Agree with the below Wall Street Journal article. The leaders of today’s military at the General Officer/Admiral level are completely WOKE and politically oriented to the socialist left.  It these so called senior military leaders truly honored their Oath of Office they would retire rather than serve the lawless, reckless, globalist, Obama 3/Biden Administration.

The recent Afghanistan fiasco and the current debacle in Ukraine are just the tip of the iceberg.  Our military in the trenches can’t be blamed but their so called leaders including the civilians in the Dept of Defense to whom they are subordinate can be blamed.  The results of their leadership, failures and mismanagement are devastating to our military combat readiness, ability to deploy, morale, international prestige and respect for our military   Communist China, our most dangerous foreign enemy is laughing at us but the real enemy of our military is the Obama 3/Beijing Biden administration.

The DOD, which has never been audited and wastes billions of our taxpayer dollars is about to ask for approval of $850 Trillion appropriations up from $700 Trillion under Trump.  We need to influence Republicans in Congress to oppose this huge increase in spending particularly because of the current fraud, waste and abuse of spending by the DOD combined with the impact of this rampant govt spending on rising inflation, recession and our economy.  Printing money to fill the gap in deficit spending only makes the situation worse including an ever increasing national debt and percent of our national debt which exceeds our GDP.

Americans Are Losing Trust in the Military

The rise of woke politics has undermined public confidence in the brass.

The current era is marked by fading trust in U.S. institutions, but confidence in one pillar has held up: the military. But now even that is eroding, and the question is whether the brass will get the message.

The Reagan Institute releases an annual survey of public attitudes on national defense, and this year only 48% reported having “a great deal of confidence” in the U.S. military in results first detailed here. That’s down from 70% in 2018, and within the margin error of last year’s 45%.

This is consistent with other surveys. Pew Research this year noted a 14-point drop since 2020 in Americans who said they had a great deal of confidence in the military to act in the public’s interest.

The Reagan poll asked Americans what is driving the decline. It isn’t the ability to carry out missions or win in a fight. It is “things going on outside the core competencies of the military,” says Reagan’s Roger Zakheim. “Call it politicization, call it wokeness,” but that’s where some 62% said “military leadership becoming overly politicized” reduced their confidence some or a great deal. That includes trust in civilians who give the orders. Americans offered some of the worst ratings for decisions made by Presidents, and the U.S. retreat from Afghanistan comes to mind.

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The Biden/Obama 3 Administration and their WOKE DOD Secretaries and Staff and Generals/Admirals are having trouble recruiting and retaining today’s military personnel.

Following are reasons why our military moral and combat readiness is at an all time low.

  • Exemptions from Deployment for up to a year for pregnant females and even military spouses once baby born.
  • Field Lactation Stations for pregnant females who can’t be deployed.
  • Opening Every military position including close combat to women.
  • Time Out Cards during basic training for those feeling the stress.
  • Mandatory instruction on Critical Race Theory.
  • Changing Chaplain’s Corps to entirely non-denominational collapsing this corps.
  • Terrible Rules of Engagement (ROI) for those who were in combat in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere resulting in unnecessary deaths and maiming.
  • Afghanistan pull out travesty resulting in 13 deaths; $92 B in new military equipment and $200M in cash falling into hands of he world-wide Jihadist movement.
  • Allowing mentally unstable transgenders to serve and paying for their sex change operations.
  • Facilitating Nation Building missions rather than Combat Readiness.
  • Islamification of our military.
  • Promoting traitors like Alexander Vindman who illegally leaked information from the National Security Council.
  • Allowing Iraq enemies to capture our fully armed gun boats and run rings around a fleet of our combat ships.
  • Training emphasizing Diversity, Inclusion and Equity rather than combat operations that leads to such disasters as 2 modern destroyers colliding with merchant ships on the high seas and resulting in unnecessary deaths of dozens of sailors.
  • Promoting a policy allowing military to refuse assignments based on perception they will be
    discriminated against because of LGBTQIE+ or other tendencies.
  • Renaming every military post named after Confederate Generals (despite fact that Congress enacted a law stating that those who fought on side of south are considered U.S. veterans). Following the Civil and World War I our people’s representatives made a conscious decision to name many of our military installations after CSA generals in an effort to amicably re-unite our nation.  At the time, our national wounds were still fresh and this effort was made to honor the bravery of the CSA military. The signs at the gates are set with steel posts in order to be permanent. The name of the installation is not fastened with Velcro and should not be changed just because a bunch of people who have no understanding of history, decided to throw a hissy fit.
  • Following guidance that Climate Change is the #1 threat to national security.
  • Relieving Commanders for displaying values which clash with LGBTQIE+ values.
  • Going soft on traitors like Bergdahl whose desertion in combat resulted in deaths of 6 US soldiers looking for him (Note: The current Chair JCS Milley, then a LTG, was directly responsible for leniency shown Bergdahl.)
  • Changing physical fitness standards to gender neutral thus reducing any kind of reasonable standards.
  • Reducing the standards and requirements for graduation from tough combat courses such as Rangers, Force Recon, Special Forces, Crucible, SEALs, etc. so that women could pass and be “qualified”.
  • USMC using rainbow colored patches and bullets in celebration of “Pride Month”.
  • Suppressing information on sexual harassment in military where the leading suspects are not
    heterosexual males but rather homosexual males.
  • Ridding the service of “toxic masculinity” and replacing many former warriors with pajama or Pillsbury dough boys.
  • Cancelling the culture of the former military that most of us were proud to serve and replacing the warrior spirit ethic/ethos feared by our enemies with something we are hard pressed to identify with that is no longer feared by our enemies.
  • Armed Services Committee complained to the Army that too many women are not passing the Physical Training Test. They have told the Army to change the PT Test for women to measure the things women can master. Yep, that will make them combat ready.

Recruiting and retention stats are at an all time low.

Here’s more reasons why.

1. The constant headlines about sexual assault and sexual harassment looms large in the eyes of parents and potential recruits.  People fear being at the mercy of sexual predators.
2.  The discussions about transgender individuals in the dorms and locker rooms.
3.  Some women believe they will be pushed into the combat arms.
4.  Unisex uniforms.
5.   There are some things about openly serving homosexuals that the current generation will tolerate but not embrace.
6.  Trust has eroded and must be earned back.
7.  Wesley Manning and Bo Bergdahl get more media coverage than the highly decorated heroes.
8.  There is no perceived challenge for the Alpha Males in mixed sex recruit training.  The average 18-year old males does not take well to a screeching Harpies Army drill sergeant.  Indirect Physical intimidation by leading by example simply will not work when the Drill Sergeant can not even pass your PFT.  ( a linebacker team captain leads differently from a QB team captain.  At the entry level the Tennis team captain cannot lead the linebackers.)
9.The full scale entry of the Flag ranks (mostly retired) into the political fray has been an out and out disaster on every level.  The perception is that they are partisan political, grossly self serving, corrupt and incompetent all at once.
10.  Being accused, almost daily, that you are racist, privileged, homophobic, sexist and that your values are toxic does not help recruit.

I have been recommending that the state of the military is terrible and that I would not want anyone to join the military for any reason. Today, we have immoral leaders at the highest levels. No sense in becoming cannon fodder, or worse yet, having to give up all morality to become Successful.

I’m sure you can think of other ridiculous military polices in place under Biden, Austin, Milley, etc.

which have grossly undermined morale and the ability to fight and win in combat.

I know we still have brave, strong soldiers in the trenches today, serving honorably but for how much longer under these circumstances?

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