Defend The Border—Stop The Invasion—Save Lives

Defend The Border Save Lives.

President Biden’s Open Border policies are a manufactured national security risk allowing illegal aliens to flood our country and be given amnesty at a later date.

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These illegal alien amnesty recipients will most likely become Democrat voters assuring power for the Dems at the expense of national security and bastardizing the rule of law.

Join us, we are engaged in this battle for secure borders with Tom Homan, Former ICE Acting Director, and we need your help.


Due to the Biden Administration’s planned and unplanned efforts to radically transform America, our southern border is in the midst of a devastating crisis that includes illegal entry, human trafficking, drug trafficking, child exploitation, extortion, sex & rape crimes and an all-around breakdown of the rule of law.


The solution requires action on two levels, one political, the other cultural. Politicians must be elected who understand the necessity to humanely maintain border security and sovereignty and Americans must understand the same essential elements, thereby teaching others and voting intelligently in 2022 & 2024.

Knowledge is power. We are now engaged in the greatest information war in this planet’s history, and Americans are losing. Ronald Reagan said that a nation that cannot control its borders isn’t really a country.

He was right.

National security begins on the border, but through their propaganda and complete domination of the MSM, the globalist Left has effectively redefined the border as a mess of children in cages that showcases American racism.

For decades, the globalist media jihad has successfully blinded Americans to the truth. For the first time in US history, an incoming administration has intentionally weakened the security of the nation within hours of assuming power.

Since the Biden administration took power on January 20, 2021, millions of illegal immigrants have been sent into the nation’s interior.

The reality of America’s open border is that it is killing Americans.

Tom Homan has spent three and a half decades protecting the US Border. He has worked for six presidents. President Obama awarded him the Distinguished Presidential Rank Award and President Trump personally requested that Tom delay his retirement to serve as the Director of ICE. In 2018, the president awarded him the Distinguished Service Medal.

In 2013, the heart of this warrior was forever changed when he investigated the deaths of 19 illegal aliens. These people had been abandoned by their cartel smuggler to suffocate in tortuous heat, locked in the back of a semi-trailer. As Tom knelt to pray for a five-year-old victim, the boy’s face etched indelibly into his mind. Tom had a son the same age. The dead father of this boy still lay partially covering his son. The father had died trying to comfort and protect his dying son. The humanity of that moment and the continuing horror stories created by our open border drives Tom continuously to defend the border. It is an irrevocable truth that people are dying and our country is in peril.  If we defend the border, we will save lives.

Knowledge is power and for too long this knowledge has been kept away from the American people. Their power to win this war has been neutered. Without the truth, they cannot comprehend the threat to our nation.

Tom Homan’s project to Defend the Border and Save Lives will be a two-year pro information mission to destroy the enemy’s propaganda.  This isn’t just entertainment, it is a weapon for the American people. This project won’t just influence the 2022 and 2024 elections, it will be the tip of the spear in taking down the Globalist Left’s crusade against America. The Defend the Border and Save Lives television episodes, feature docudrama film and viral videos will awaken the Sleeping Giant that is the will of the American people.

Knowledge is power. It is now time for us to claim our power and win this war. It is time to Defend the Border and Save Lives. 

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