TAKE ACTION: Protect Right Whales from Big Wind Turbines

CFACT officially weighs in.

I’ve told you about CFACT’s efforts to protect the North Atlantic Right Whale from a huge Virginia offshore wind project.

Now, you can help!

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is presently accepting comments regarding their “Strategy” to protect the Right Whale as new offshore wind projects go up across the Eastern Seaboard. This comment period ends on Sunday.

Let me assure you, there is no “protecting” going on from BOEM regarding the Right Whale. The Biden Administration is all-in on offshore wind as part of their radical climate agenda, which means the bureaucracies that should be protecting wildlife are turning a blind eye to push through “green” energy.

Click here to tell BOEM “no way!” Just submit your comment in the text box and tell BOEM you are steadfastly opposed to their Strategy to push wind power at the expense of the right whale.

Make sure you submit your comments soon, as the deadline is just days away!

For our part, CFACT has submitted comments to BOEM that expose their willful negligence.

Collister “Terry” Johnson explained in his comments how the government’s rules for offshore wind will directly violate its own prior rules regarding the killing of the whales:

“According to the National Marine Fisheries Service’s own definition, ‘this means that for the [right whale] to recover, the population cannot sustain, over the course of a year, the death or injury of a single individual due to human causes.’ …The Strategy proposes to establish a set of rules which seeks to minimize and reduce human caused mortality [of the whales] but does not eliminate it. Elimination can’t be accomplished in an ocean environment which is industrialized with 3,411 turbines and 9,874 miles of submarine cable.”

These turbines will be 700 feet tall and have blades longer than a football field. CFACT isn’t going to stand idly by while the Biden Administration forces these monstrosities on our ocean vistas, destroying endangered wildlife in the process.

Will you help us expose this deadly plan? Click here and tell BOEM you are 100% opposed to their Strategy plan!

EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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