Helping Military Soldiers Who Fought in the Vietnam War

All wars in the world are orchestrated by power-hungry forces, of which the soldiers involved are all victims. During the war in Vietnam, China planted spy Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam to wage war, using Vietnamese to kill Vietnamese. The United States and the Allies of the Republic of Vietnam also participated in this bloody war and all military brothers and sisters are innocent people. When the Vietnam War temporarily ended on April 30, 1975, the soldiers who participated in the Vietnam War were all grateful to us.

For the 58,721 US service members who died, we built the HEXAGON-MONUMENT in memory. For those who are still alive, the wounded and disabled soldiers are all very traumatized, when it comes to them, they are still terrified and affect their future generations, so they must mobilize themselves to help each other. However, the material is only a part, and the spirit is the main problem, which has not been properly taken care of by their government and continues to this day.

Therefore, to move towards a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT of love, sharing, justice, and fairness, the Provisional National Government of Vietnam – The 3rd Republic of Vietnam will deduct some funds to replace gratitude and care to the soldiers and their families who have fought in the Vietnam War. This will be discussed and drafted into law by the National Assembly of the Third Republic of Vietnam to allow military personnel and their families and descendants to have the right to apply for permission to naturalize in the Third Republic of Vietnam and enjoy the benefits and privileges like a Vietnamese citizen, being cared for and facilitated by the Government from social security, health care, education, and housing.


The Government Standing Office would like to respectfully notify and request Government agencies to disseminate this Notice to all families of soldiers who participated in the war in Vietnam such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Philippines, and Thailand, and at the same time invite them to attend in the upcoming Congress on April 30th, 2023, to continue to petition IMPERIAL DUKE to be enthroned as Emperor and to join us in promulgating this law, after being approved by the National Assembly of the Third Republic of Vietnam.

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