COVID Rush, Gold Rush

Title 42 COVID restrictions at the border are expected to end next Wednesday and it’s shaping up to be a disaster.   Up to 14,000 illegal aliens a day are expected to rush the border.  This is on top of a record number of apprehensions and known gotaways at the border in November – over 300,000 combined.

Numbers alone don’t tell the whole story.  The burden on the border states is so great, they’re taking action on their own.  Arizona’s lame-duck Republican Governor is building a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border with shipping containers.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared an invasion and sent National Guard troops and armored personnel carriers to the border in anticipation of COVID restrictions being lifted.  The troops have experienced 267 suspicious or violent events, including gunfire from across the border and physical assaults.

Meanwhile, the number of illegal border-crossers on the terrorist watchlist is skyrocketing.  Nine were caught in October alone, a faster pace than the 98 caught in the fiscal year before that, and up exponentially from the 14 apprehended in the previous fiscal year.  A Muslim-only transit shelter opened across the border from San Diego, recently.  The shelter operator screens occupants a bit for ties to terrorism and has rejected two.  The operator is willing to provide more information to U.S. authorities, but they’ve never called.  The operator also says the shelter’s vetting is incomplete and it’s certainly possible for terrorists to slip through.

Biden’s border policies are raising other national security concerns, as well.  The air marshals warn that diverting them to border ground duties increases the likelihood of another 9/11 attack.  There was an attempt to breach a cockpit, recently, but the Biden administration isn’t answering the phone on this one, either.

That’s because the Biden administration has the pedal to the metal to pack the country with as many illegal aliens as possible before somebody puts a stop to it.  I’ve told you in previous commentaries about dozens of Biden administration policies opening the border and today I add some more.

ICE agents are being told to limit their arrests to illegal aliens with Class A felonies like murder to free up detention bed space for the anticipated influx of new arrivals when COVID restrictions end.  But the number of criminal alien arrests was already down, 71 percent from a comparable period under Trump.  Removals are down by two-thirds under Biden policy.   To add insult to injury, our government is lying to us.  The ICE website says there are 266 illegal aliens who have been released into the U.S. interior without any electronic monitoring through ankle bracelets or cell phones.  But an ICE document distributed at an event last month shows the number is not 266; it’s almost 50,000.

The fallout from Biden’s border policies continues to mount.  An HHS whistleblower said the government is promoting sex trafficking, threatening alien children with deportation if they don’t comply.  The whistleblower also said the government’s child sponsor program is so bad many alien children are being forced into indentured servitude.

The only explanation we’ve ever gotten out of Biden administration officials for all this insanity is that they want to open the borders to increase diversity in the country.   That would be pretty stupid, but recent stories make you wonder if it’s not just all about the money.  There are at least 30 nominally private organizations involved in processing illegal aliens, taxpayer-funded government contractors with friends in high places and a revolving door between government agencies and their executive suites.  Contracts can run into the billions of dollars.  Hunter Biden had an 8 percent stake in a digital banking and remittances platform for illegal aliens.  Which begs the question: did 10 percent go to the Big Guy?  Is the Big Guy selling his office?  Is the Big Guy above lining his own pockets, the fate of the country be damned?  The Biden administration has never adequately explained why it’s opening the border, so I will assume the worst.  Somebody should take a closer look at the money that’s being made in all this.

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