DOCUMENTARY: Kids: Chasing Paradise

Saving Children From Radicalization By Extremists

Childhood is supposed to be a special time in a person’s life. A time to grow and play, to explore and learn about the world. All children deserve a peaceful upbringing and the opportunity to pursue a meaningful life.

But today, extremists are abusing children and teaching them hatred and violence.

Christianne, Tania, Nicola, and Micah all suffered the heartbreaking loss of a family member due to extremism. Kids: Chasing Paradise follows their courageous journeys and their inspirational efforts to become champions of activism for children worldwide.

Watch the Kids: Chasing Paradise trailer.

Kids: Chasing Paradise is a powerful documentary film that explores the personal stories of ordinary people becoming extraordinary activists to save children from radicalization.

A new Clarion Project documentary, KIDS: Chasing Paradise, uses shocking hidden camera footage and eyewitness accounts to show how purveyors of hate and terrorist organizations rob victims of their childhoods in order to transform them into extremists willing to kill and die for their cause.

Watch the film for free and donate to our campaign to reach more people with its important message.

Every $10 donated will help us reach an additional 20 people.

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