Ballot Harvesting: How Democracies Perish

Judging from so many disputed elections and the resulting court cases, there is ample evidence to doubt the outcomes of the 2020 and 2022 elections. The easiest way to understand the overall strategy of the 2020 election is to read Molly Ball’s general explanation in the February 4, 2021 issue of Time Magazine. An accurate title would be: “How the Progs Harvested, Manipulated, and Cast Enough Votes to Win.” Instead, Molly Ball wrote, “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election.” You decide.

The Prog victory in 2020, such as it was, rested on the usual ineptitude of many Secretaries of State, the usual failures of the U.S. Post Office, improvements in “flaps and seals” technology, the pandemic-induced flood of mail-in ballots, thousands of unmonitored ballot boxes, the advent of computer software and sophisticated printers capable of producing virtually undetectable counterfeit ballots, the hacking of some voting systems, and most importantly the money to train and hire an army of foot soldiers to pillage unprotected ballot boxes, to go door-to-door, to go to senior centers and nursing homes with offers to “help” homeowners and senior citizens understand complex ballot issues and — here’s the key — to allow the harvesters to gain physical possession of millions of ballots.

Some Secretaries of State fail to purge their registered voter database of the dead, of convicted felons, and of those who moved to other States. In all mail-in ballot States such as Colorado; the all-too-often incompetent U.S. Post Office is given millions of ballots to deliver to a list of addresses that is approximately over twenty percent in error. Incompetence, however, is not illegal.

But what follows is illegal: Step One: gain physical control over as many ballots as possible. Step Two: Open the envelopes. If they favor your candidate, reseal and cast them. Keep careful track. If surreptitiously possible, alter the “bad” ballots and cast them early. If a ballot cannot be altered safely, “spoil” the ballot in some way so it will be rejected but still accounted for. Thus, the ballot’s location is known but is probably useless to the other side. Or, if nothing else works, put the “bad” ballots in the trash.
Keeping track of the “good” ballots is crucial because if you can superintend the early casting of enough “good” ballots, Election Day is meaningless. But if you are not sure of winning via early voting, a resort to counterfeit ballots might be needed. In the 1948 fashion of “Landslide” Lyndon Johnson, it may be necessary for a number of seemingly misplaced and uncounted ballots to be “found” and added to your totals.

Josef Stalin said,

“The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

Change that to: “The people who control the mail-in ballots decide everything.”

Whether one thinks the 2020 election was stolen or the 2022 mid-terms were “modified” or not, clearly ballot control has gotten to be far more important than the candidate who can be a mere Stooge. Nor does it matter if the Stooge spouts utter nonsense; especially, if a co-conspiratorial MSM only mentions such gaffes sotto voce, if at all. Fair warning: If both sides adopt such tactics, representative democracy is dead.

Suggested reading: “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election,” by Molly Ball. Time Magazine, Feb.4, 2021. “How Johnson Won Election He’d Lost,” by Martin Tolchin, New York Times, Feb. 11, 1990.

©2022. William Hamilton. All rights reserved.

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