Intelligence Briefing: Healthcare Issues Directly Related to Illegals and Refugees Flowing into the U.S.

Attached is an Intelligence Briefing on Healthcare directly related to Illegals and Refugees flowing into the United States. The briefing is a portion of both an oral presentation and a longer version delivered directly to Donald Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. The attached was requested by a senior member of the Trump Presidential Campaign, and with additional information not mentioned here, President Trump read all content which helped lead to the focused decision to build the wall along the southern Border of the United States.

The oligarchy now running American politics and national decision-making have not simply overlooked the southern Border or incompetently managed the crisis at the border. A deliberate and diabolical work is at hand to collapse the border and integrity of the United States, and bring America into the global order of government no longer respecting national sovereignty. Groupings of countries divided into ten regions world-wide comprising the New-World Order is taking place in plain sight. A clear example is the southern Border of America. Illegally streaming into America are people from over 160 countries; many are single young males, gang members, children shipped as sex slaves, and traffickers of various kinds. None have been checked for medical conditions. This heinous pending crisis is not discussed or reported in any manner or platform but is waiting to raise its’ ugly head.

Jean Rice, RN, BSN nationally known medical subject-matter specialist was a co-author on the final Intelligence Healthcare Briefing that was delivered to President Trump and Dr. Ben Carson. Jean joined me making the oral presentation to a closed-door, invitation only briefing at the Arizona State Capitol in September 2016. Medical specialist Jean Rice has appeared on ARIZONA TODAY discussing the probable medical crisis given the influx of illegals simply being passed into our country. Border Patrol and related law enforcement are extremely limited in multiple ways, and cannot accomplish their job! Border Patrol and related law enforcement are commanded to “stand down” and not perform their main function, which is, to protect our border and national sovereignty, and to screen each individual attempting entrance into the United States.

Make no mistake…our nation is under assault, and such attack is allowed by Biden and his entire group in power along with sold-out members of Congress.

We have almost come full circle to what our founders experienced. They, too, were being “played” by a despot and alcoylites who detested what God had ordained here in North America and our Forefathers were developing. I pray Americans fall to their knees quickly and seek God’s intervention.

Intelligence Briefing/Healthcare Issues Medical Time Bomb – Illegals and Refugees flowing into the United States



TO: Mr. Donald J. Trump
Republican Nominee for President of the United States

Dr. Ben Carson
Senior Advisor to Republican Nominee Donald Trump

RE: Medical challenges spreading across the United States traced to illegals and Refugees

DATE: September the 9th, 2016

While the rhetoric regarding illegal crossings flowing into America and the concomitant influx of Middle Eastern “Refugees” into targeted States rages, the intelligence contained in this Briefing Summary transcends the debates, issues of political correctness, and politics in general. The content herein stated is already at a critical stature, and could quickly spiral out-of-control and represent a pandemic set of circumstances. You will receive unvarnished candor about the growing concerns health care professionals already are confronting in over twelve states, and multiplying.

This memorandum stems from a formal closed-door Intelligence Briefing I provided at the Arizona State Senate on August 17th, 2016. We are now about one month later, and the conditions in multiple states, including the Border States of Arizona, California, and Texas are reportedly more challenging, and purposefully kept under the public radar.

Among the most remarkable acute diseases arriving with illegals are: scurvy, measles, chicken-pox, acute explosive diarrhea with third-world bacterial agents, and unknown bacteria and parasites attempting to resist antibiotics, as well as pernicious and new forms of lice and worms. It is well known, but concealed and not reported to local and State health officials by the Federal Government, large segments of the unaccompanied children coming into America are seriously ill coupled with remarkable malnourished syndrome. Additionally, numbers of TB cases are increasing rapidly, including treatment resistant TB.

The Federal Government has now increased the speed and volume of third-world populations into the United States; interestingly, especially into politically conservative states. The calculated work of the Feds has led to Muslims by the thousands from mostly terribly underdeveloped and deteriorating Muslim countries, including those Islamic Nations hostile to the United States, now arriving. The U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest has presented official figures depicting a massive spike in Green Cards for Middle Easterners; most notably, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Syria, and Iran. In 2014 (the most recent year for which data is available) the U.S. awarded Green Cards to 103,901 immigrants from Middle Eastern countries entitling the holder to permanent legal status, federal benefits, and a direct path to US citizenship. This is a 32% increase from the 78,917 given the year prior. These numbers do not reflect the numbers of illegals and Middle Easterners successfully entering America from our unsecure southern Border. There are unknown numbers of third-world humanity stemming from Haiti, Central America, and South America.

The influx of humanity that is being discarded by these third-world Muslim countries is astounding, and fearful. These people bring nothing of value with them; no skills, no education, no work ethic or even moral framework. In point of fact, the preponderant majority of these people are hardened

criminals, many purposefully released from prisons, and warriors who have only known civil war and strife by opposing gangs and warlords. Their health conditions are terrifying which will demand a response to stem epidemic.

For the first-time, medical professionals this past June found a person in Pennsylvania carrying a bacteria resistant to antibiotics. This finding is highly disturbing, and health officials are sobered and alarmed. In the past two weeks, a high school in Manhattan, Kansas experienced an outbreak of unknown type of bacteria or parasite creating bloody diarrhea, coughing and fever in over 150-students. Parents were asked to collect specimens from their children for lab exams. Refugees dumped in Vermont, North Dakota, Nebraska, Maryland have acute TB. This past week in Riverside, California, two cases of Leprosy have now been found on grade-school age children; Lab samples were sent to a specialty lab in Louisiana for confirmation but it will take 2-weeks for a definitive diagnosis. Here in Arizona, over 100-cases of chlorine resistant bacteria were discovered in a couple of city operated pools.

At the federal level there is silence coupled with denial. At the state level, for at least upwards of fifteen states, there is horror as to what they are challenged with now, and concerned with in months ahead.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other agencies coordinating mass refugee resettlement are quick to reassure the public that NO problems exist, that speculation is merely politically motivated. But data from health services in the States of Florida and Indiana belie that claim. These two states have aggressively been combatting the out-of-control refugee resettlement program fully underway in America. The health services in these two states have confronted the political hogwash and typical political speak oxymoron spilling out from various federal agencies, especially CDC. As an example, State of Florida Health Officials caught the
listing refugees as diagnosed with TB as, “Active Tuberculosis – noninfectious.”

Among the most serious responsibilities an Elected Official has upon being sworn into office is the responsibility to provide for the protection and welfare of the citizens to whom he/she serves. A ticking medical time bomb exists across America with the ever increasing rise of illegals from third-world countries, and the refugee relocation program sponsored by the Washington establishment. A Clear and Present danger that knows no political ideology or party or candidate, but is stealthily spreading seeking new places to hide and take up residence. The chance for contracting a vicious disease mentioned in this report becomes ever significant, and this statement is NOT political rhetoric.

Respectfully submitted,


Protective Intelligence and Assessment Specialist
Consultant at Behavioral Analysis and Threat Assessment
Private-Sector Intelligence Analyst
U.S. Border Intelligence Group
ASIS International
Association For Intelligence Officers
Association of Threat Assessment Professionals – Arizona ATAP
International Association Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts

Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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