We Have Been Betrayed

Americans are normal people, they tell the truth. They love freedom and don’t like those who want to take it from them. Don’t like does not mean understand or perceive. The enemy has a different mental outlook and the opposite agenda. The enemy was born as an aggressive usurper-invader and behaves that way the last hundred years. They are killing thousands of innocent people, drugging others, orchestrating car accidents, plane crashes, defrauding, cheating, and stealing money from millions. They are supplying a staggering supply of drugs. I am describing and writing about Socialism and I have been doing it for the last forty years…

Today you can see all of the crimes at Biden’s America: people are drugged by fentanyl, dying on the streets. Biden dismantled secure borders and open borders, threatening to bring 5-6 million foreigners, illegal migrants to the U.S. This is not the end, due to Biden’s lawlessness, crime is rising and the first historical colossal fraud took place in the American economy at the FTX: Crypto Collapse. In case you don’t know—SEMAFOR means in Russian-traffic light. TikTok is no less important issue, which has been directly connected to the Russian Intel, infiltrating and spying on America since the 20th century. That is the reason I had deliberately presented you the Russian Intel Apparatus in my presiding column, December 14, 2022.

I am now returning to Russia: all above mentioned events had been orchestrated, planned, and organized by the KGB’s Mafia/Army, I hope you know what it means: “If you want to know China, you have to first know Russia.”  I have already stated these words a hundred times. Nothing has changed in the world. It is still divided into Capitalism and Communism, and the latter is still an aggressive usurper-invader. Nothing has changed in Russia, only changing of names: the old KGB has become FSB to cover up an inhuman crime had committed by the KGB. So, Putin just adjusted the Soviet System to crony capitalism with the same KGB in power. China has repeated the maneuver, adjusting its crony capitalism to the same Communist Intel Apparatus. Don’t be confused—Soviet Socialism and Chinese Communism are the same ideological fraud, neither had ever worked productively. Their current name is GLOBALISTS.

The recent Twitter Musk’s revelation No. 6 and 7 are even more incredible than the preceding ones—The FBI/DHS and CIA have been establishing a Police State in the U.S. like in the Soviet Union. The Biden administration and FEDS had deep reach into Twitter and some other parts of Social Media through the FBI/DHS and CIA. The contact was constant and pervasive as if they were a subsidiary of the FBI. (That control reminded me of the Soviet KGB and the memory of the Obama administration sending the official personals’ info to Putin’s Russia.) There is now no question of interference of the FBI in the 2020 election. It is the Soviet behavior! Moreover, to prevent you from knowing the truth, the FBI had submitted my name to the FISA Court and the Court made me a Foreign Agent in 2002. Inevitably, the FBI banned and sabotaged all my writings.

At the same time, the Biden team had sponsored $1, 5 Billion to promote Woke, while watching how Woke is demolishing America in various directions. As I previously stated, Woke is a fraud, I recognize and called it a Sovietization of America. I am not alone, in fact, Brent Bozell was right in analyzing the later Musk’s revelation and called them, and “Elon Musk bought a crime scene.” Yes, I agree. This “crime scene” had been investigated by Special Prosecutor John Durham and by me for the last forty years. Read my book: What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction Part III, published October 2022

That “crime scene” is familiar to you for the last 6-7 years of Trump’s Witch Hunt. The FBI and Biden’s team were accusing Trump of the exact same crime, they have themselves committed, just like Stalin outlined. Please, recall my description of Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication, and fraud. You will find all of that again in the Twitter “crime scene”—the predator is the same with the Soviets dirty tricks and psychological propaganda. Look at two Virginian Senators Tim Kaine and Mark Warner and listen to them. They are representing the “crime scene” and covering-up the crime committed by the Democrat leadership for the last several decades. I have described it in detail in my books and columns.

Joe Biden and the Democrat Party is the center of that “crime scene.” To grasp it the knowledge of Russia and its KGB’s Mafia/Army is imperative. I have been repeating this phrase for forty years. Russian KGB’s Mafia/Army had infiltrated and overturned the Democrat Party to Socialist one. So, why do we have such a similarity for more than 6-7 years? Because we are dealing with the same Socialist/Communist forces fighting for global control and power. President Donald J. Trump loved America and had been a convenient target to cover-up the “crime scene” and therefore the real Target—American Political System Designed and Left to Us by our Founding Fathers. In fact, we are in the process of Socialist Revolution in America implemented by Biden’s White House. Don’t put your faith and trust in the Democrat Party anymore, the Party has betrayed you…

Knowledge of Russian “Operation Disinformation” is a MUST

​ Let me prove it by three facts:

  1. There is no Mexican Cartel. It is the Russian Cartel. The Cartel had been established by Stalin in 1950-1960. Read my story about the thousands of Spanish Children of the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939 taken by Stalin to the Soviet Union. Twenty years later, after training by the KGB, they were sent to Mexico and Central America as the KGB’s Mafia/Army. The Russian Cartels are now earning criminal money by destroying our border…
  2. The suspicions about the bio-weapon in Wuhan are correct. The bio-weaponry was researched in 1960-1970s in Russia and later the entire program was handed over to China. Read my columns. 3. In my knowledge, Joe Biden has been colluded with Putin since 2013-2014 as pointed out by Obama in Ukraine. Read the story of quid-pro-qword and the American $1 billion-both Biden and Putin tried to suffocate the new democratic Ukraine. Those are not conspiracy theories, but the Truth.
  3. Biden can’t hide Hunter’s e-males with Burisma in archives. The Biden ties with Putin is evidenced, by Joe Biden bragging at a Council on Foreign Relations that he demanded then-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko fire prosecutor Viktor Sorkin or lose $1 billion in U.S. loan guarantees. While in unknown to Hunter Ukraine, someone connected him with the pro-Russian owner of Burisma. It could be anyone from the Obama administration, but as I have already suggested it was the American Embassy in Kiev. The connection was an official and long-term one…

Today, America experiences Putin/Biden conspiracy in all directions, especially on the Southern border, where there is a global invasion orchestrated by Putin’s KGB the way he had been doing it with the Muslim invasion in Europe 2015, and now with Biden’s open border policy to destroy America. An organized invasion, with thousands of migrants lining up, waiting for title 42 soon expired. The chaos and catastrophe on the Southern border will not be solved until the Putin/Bide conspiracy is investigated and exposed…

Manipulations of Socialist Psychological Propaganda

Lt. General Ion Mihai Pacepa, the highest-ranking KGB officer ever to defect to the U.S, tells us of a meeting he had with Yuri Andropov:

“In 1972, the Kremlin decided to turn the whole Islamic world against Israel and the U.S. As KGB Chairman, Yuri Andropov told me that a billion adversaries could inflict far greater damage on America than could a few millions. We needed to instill a Nazi-style hatred for Jews throughout the Islamic world, and to turn this weapon of the enflamed emotions into a terrorist bloodbath against Israel and its main supporter, the United States. No one within the American/Zionist sphere of influence should any longer feel safe.” (“Russian Footprints,” by Ion Mihai Pacepa, National Review Online, August 24, 2008.)

General Pacepa wrote in the same article:

“According to Andropov… the Muslims had a taste for nationalism, jingoism, and victimology. Their illiterate, oppressed mobs could be whipped up to a fever pitch. Terrorism and violence against Israel and her master, American Zionism, would flow naturally from the Muslims’ religious fervor, Andropov sermonized.”

I have written this piece many years ago describing the Russian infiltration and psychological propaganda of the Muslim world. It was the time, of Stalinist policy to marry Islam with the ideology of Soviet Socialism spread by Stalin’s devoted disciples. Pay attention to the words: nationalism, jingoism, and especially, victimology. The manipulation methods of the psychological propaganda by the KGB’s Mafia/Army have not changed since and applied to America today. Therefore, the knowledge of Russia, its Intel Apparatus and Security Service is a Must to understand how Russia has been demolishing us from within. The Paul Pelosi story illustrates it clearly:

Paul Pelosi caused a car accident. There are a lot of questions about Paul Pelosi’s alleged DUI. We don’t have any answers. It’s covered-up. The car was totaled, some injuries were supposedly sustained by both sides—we don’t have any answers. The name of the Dem Speaker Nancy Pelosi has definitely suffered as a result and the KGB’s Mafia/Army was coming to help the Pelosi’s family. Do you remember the word victimology in my above presented piece? Yes, victimology is one of the methods of Socialist ideological manipulation. That is the reason Paul Pelosi has been consequently attacked to become a VICTIM.

Do you have a clear picture of Paul’s attacker and the scene of the attack? No. We don’t know many important details of the attack and the police had found Paul Pelosi, after opening the door, peacefully moving towards the attacker-a very strange picture. All of that, because everything is artificially orchestrated by the KGB’s Mafia/Army to help generate another image to the Pelosi’s family, an image of the VICTIM. Do you remember how Nancy Pelosi was ripping up Trump’s State of the Union Speech on TV? I was threatened by her arrogance. The KGB’s Mafia/Army has total control and power operating in Biden’s team—the Soviet Socialist Revolution is moving ahead in America. Look at this Statistic:

As of December 16, 2022, President Joe Biden (D) had signed 105 executive orders, 115 presidential memoranda, 369 proclamations, and 71 notices. Who do you think really wrote this enormous quantity of work? If you read my columns, you will know the answer. We are watching Socialist Revolution from the top in America. It is painful to tears watching foreign actors destroying America by the name of the country’s President. It is a Tragedy! But incompetent politicians are blind, they don’t know Russia, its Intel, and Security Apparatus, but they want control and power…I have given you the Paul Pelosi story for a reason: the same episode-fraud was attempted to create in Ian. 6. 2021 by the same Democrat-socialist forces with Molotov cocktail and other violence to accuse Trump in Insurrection. Jan. 6. 2021 is a weak political case, where nobody has been accused in Insurrection, but Trump. The case has no legal bearing. Read my columns about the real Insurrection prior to Jan. 6: Wake-Up Suburbia! Soviet/Socialist Inspired Insurrection! October 19, 2020 and Infiltration and Subversion – Communist-Inspired Insurrection! July 29, 2020/in Commentary, Courts & Law, Culture War, Elections, Policy, Politics, Waste, Fraud and Abuse/by Simona Pipko

The group of the Democrats representing Jan. 6. 2021 Committee is the group of incompetent Congressmen deceived by the Psychological Socialist Propaganda, they don’t know Russia, its Intel, and Security Apparatus. By their incompetents or ignorance, they are helping those Socialist forces to destroy the American Constitutional Republic. Look at the recent expose by Elon Musk: the FBI and CIA promoted the Democrat Party and confronted Republicans. It is a real American tragedy. We can trust neither the FBI nor CIA—we are left mute, deaf, and naked. Our national security has become Zero, thanks to the Democrat Party tirelessly “working” since the John F. Kennedy assassination…

At the same time Biden is escalating and prolonging war in Ukraine. That war is making us weaker and poorer and we won’t be able to continue helping for a long time. America spends 62% and the rest of the world 38% helping Ukraine–we are bankrupting ourselves. Biden does it to cover-up the Democrat leadership’s collusion with the Russian Intel for decades. The war will end tragically—Ukraine is unable to sustain the prolonged war. There is some kind of political operation with ploy and game by the White House, read my columns. Biden also minimizes the Chinese threat and continues allowing China to invest in America, which is a crime against all American interests. Biden’s America runs business like the Soviet Socialist State, where you can’t say the word American any more. Is this betrayal or treason?

To be continued www.simonapipko.com and at www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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