Border Crisis: Ten Percent for the Big Guy?

Big border news today.  Joe Biden announced a new approach to the crisis at the southern border.  Admission for some migrants from Haiti, Cuba, and Nicaragua will be expanded while a return-to-Mexico policy will apply to others.  The return-to-Mexico policy is the part Biden likes to talk up.  But the humanitarian parole program being used to expand entry has already been challenged in court by Florida.

So here’s what can happen: the administration builds acceptance for the idea of expanded parole, then stops returning people to Mexico.  Why am I skeptical Biden really wants to do anything to curb illegal immigration?  Because the administration has already instituted three dozen policy changes opening the border – changes I’ve documented in previous commentaries – and a leopard doesn’t change its spots, that’s why.  The new approach is a way to look tough while maneuvering to open the border further.  That’s the way it looks to me.

Now let’s go back to what I had planned for today:  who’s profiting from the record illegal immigration Biden has brought about and what influence do they have on policy?  Let’s follow the money and see where it leads.

Without question, the Mexican drug cartels are profiting handsomely from Joe Biden’s open borders policies, through drug distribution, sex trafficking, and demanding migrants pay up to cross the border.

The cartels are not the only ones with a racket going.  The shelter and resettlement contractors get hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to process, transport, house, and administer social services to illegal aliens.  Catholic Charities is one such contractor, but an investigation found 30 more engaged in a mass resettlement operation in collusion with the Biden administration.  The contractors were active in the 2014 border surge under Obama.  An interesting phenomenon then was government officials leaving their posts to get paid big bucks to run the contractors.  The new wrinkle now is that the contractors appear to be crossing the line and instigating more new arrivals so they will have more business.  Texas Governor Greg Abbott has called for an investigation into reports these organizations are actually assisting with illegal border crossings.  How would you like to be some poor woman from Guatemala, get raped on the way up here, and learn that your purpose in life is to make more money for Catholic Charities?

Another pot of money comes from left-wing advocacy groups.  The local sheriff in Arlington County Virginia said she would stop turning illegal alien detainees over to ICE after attending an event put on by pro-immigration groups.  I pulled on the thread of one of these groups a little, and found they have millions of dollars of annual income at their disposal.  The 2019 tax form 990 for Legal Aid Justice showed some of the money came from the Fairfax County Virginia government and lots came from other left-wing groups (Schedule B – p. 2).  Left-wing advocacy groups are drowning in money and some of it is going toward opening the border.  A 2019 book named George Soros, the Koch brothers, Jack Dorsey, Tim Cook, Mark Zuckerberg, and others as among those putting money into this effort.

Could the Biden crime family have found ways to get in on the action?  The answer appears to be yes.  Hunter Biden owned an 8 percent stake in ePlata, a mobile banking platform for illegal aliens.  The Hunter Biden laptop shows he profited from the arrangement and introduced ePlata’s founder to Joe Biden.  More illegal aliens, more mobile banking profits, more dividends for Hunter, and 10 percent for the Big Guy Joe Biden – that’s certainly plausible, unless someone can show me otherwise.

bribery scandal in Europe suggests things could be worse in America than we currently know.  The scandal involves one-and-a-half million Euros in bribe money from Qatar and Morocco.  The investigation has reached into the European Parliament and the European Commission.  In 2017, a former commissioner then in charge of immigration called for the admission of six million more migrants into European countries.  He is now being investigated in the bribery scandal.  A former Parliament vice-president, also involved in the scandal, is actually awaiting trial on bribery charges.

I heard some years ago from someone in a position to know that government officials in Washington were taking money to look the other way on illegal immigration.  I don’t have proof the Bidens or anyone else in Washington is on the take on this issue.  But I do have a lot of questions.  The point for today is, when you hear open borders crazies talk about the poor, pitiful migrants, don’t take it at face value.  Follow the money.  Who’s getting paid and how much?

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