Great American Family Network Is Bad News For The Hallmark Channel

If anyone needed evidence that the majority of Americans are sick up to here with the woke agenda dished out by mainstream T.V., look no further than the Great American Family Network (GAF).

This week the network – which launched less than a year ago as a breakaway and competitor to the Hallmark Channel – announced that it ranked number one in total day ratings growth in households, up 113%, and in total viewership, up 116%, according to the Nielsen ratings. It also came first in primetime rating growth for households, up 128%.

Why is this Hallmark knock-off channel gaining so much viewership? The main reason is its wholesome faith and family programming and its departure from Hallmark’s gay-friendly programming, which has been turning away viewers for the past several years.

Candace Cameron Bure, one of the biggest stars of Hallmark, jumped ship last year and moved to GAF. She came under fire recently for daring to note that GAF would focus on “traditional marriage.” The predictable hell storm erupted and is still swirling around an unperturbed Bure, who is happily acting and producing at GAF.

During the December Christmas programming, Hallmark further turned off viewers with its first Christmas story focusing on a gay couple, called “The Holiday Sitter.” It tells the heartwarming story of Sam, who babysits his niece and nephew before the holidays, and finds unexpected romance when he recruits handsome neighbor Jason to help.

Did I say heartwarming? Sorry, I meant heartburn-inducing.

Hallmark may have made the biggest mistake of its previously saccharine life by deciding to pander to the homosexual lobby, which makes up a small minority of viewers while thumbing its nose at the millions of viewers who always flocked to Hallmark for family-friendly viewing.

We wonder, though, will Hallmark regret its gay programming decision enough to go back to its roots? It’s doubtful … but they’re probably squirming right now with the release of the latest Nielsen ratings.

EDITORS NOTE: This Christian Action Network column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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