PODCAST: Some of 2022’s Biggest Lies to Reject as False in 2023



Judd Dunning, Host of “Unapologetic with Judd Dunning” on KABC AM790 and on YouTube and Co-Host of “BulletPointNation.” Judd Dunning, is a political author, host, pundit and producer. Over Judd’s three-decade political journey from liberal to conservative activist, he has collaboratively created and hosted a multitude of political media projects. Judd is also both a Newsmax Regular Guest commentator, and look for Judd’s next new book; coming later in 2022 — “13 ½ Reasons to Love America: How to Stop the Angry Woke Left and Preserve the America We Love”

TOPIC: Some of 2022’s Biggest Lies to Reject as False in 2023


Lance LoRusso is a leading attorney, former law enforcement officer, and author of the books, When Cops Kill and Blue News. Profits from his books go to charities for law enforcement officers. LoRusso has appeared on CNN, HLN, and FOX News Channel.

TOPIC: Illinois is eliminating cash bail this year—if its supreme court lets it.

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