Biden promotes an ‘easier’ plan for migrants trying to enter America

A wide-open Southern border to allow anyone to enter America, unvetted, means little to Joe Biden. His concern is not with rule of law, the American economy, crime, or national security threats. It is only with bringing as many migrants into the country as possible, legally or illegally. So now he’s planning on an active outreach program to making entering the country even easier for the migrants than it already is.

Biden has abandoned Americans in pursuit of the migrant vote.

Biden professes not to see the difference between responsible immigration policies and his current reckless acts. First he creates a crisis, and then he invents a plan to make it easier on migrants, as well as to make it look as though he is solving the problem of illegal entries. Like many Leftists, he wrongly insists that those who oppose his disastrous immigration policies are xenophobic and oppose immigration as a whole.

Joe Biden Details ‘Easier’ Plan for Migrants Trying to Enter U.S.

by Charlie Spiering, Breitbart, January 10, 2023:

President Joe Biden promoted his plan Tuesday to make it easier for migrants to come to the United States after meeting with the leaders of Mexico and Canada.

“This has been the greatest migration in human history around the world as well as in this hemisphere,” Biden said, speaking about the ongoing migration crisis after meeting with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador during a summit in Mexico City.

But the president did not appear troubled by the volume of border crossings and migrants flooding into local communities in the United States, placing a burden on U.S. citizens and legal residents.

He spoke about his administration’s plan for new ways to allow migrants claiming asylum to sign up, get background checks, get a sponsor, and get them examined, allowing them to go directly to a port of entry to make their case.

“We’re trying to make it easier for people to get here, opening up the capacity to get here,” Biden said.

He said that the majority of migrants were fleeing the countries of Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti, and Nicaragua and that his administration would reach out to them directly to get them to sign up for admission to the United States.

He suggested his new plan would cut down the number of immigrants crossing at the Southern border using cartels and coyotes and getting victimized to make the “god-awful” trip to the United States.

“Look, right now the cartels make a lot of money, which they use for drug trafficking as well,” he said.

He complained that Republicans and even some Democrats were reluctant to work with him on immigration reform, despite a long tradition of immigration to the United States…..



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