House Republicans Officially Launch Investigations Into Biden Documents

The FBI and DoJ knew about these docs months ago. Well before the election. That demands investigation as well.

The Mar-a-Lago illegal raid was a pre-emptive strike against what they knew was coming.

ONE COMMENTATOR — The play book:

  • Leftist Democrats claim the Republicans are doing exactly what they are themselves are guilty of, always.
  • Then the MSM doubles down and as if reading from a memo repeat the same phrases over and over and over.
  • Whenever anyone denies their accusations they are labeled a racist or conspiracy theorist or white supremacy.
    When the truth is ultimately revealed they ignore it completely.
  • When anyone gains too much traction against them they send in the FBI.
    Then the AG prosecutes.
  • All accusations of it being a political attack are dismissed as racist, conspiracy theory or white supremacy.
    They portend to defend the constitution while defiling it continuously.
  • The proof of this is that they make all whom have been harmed by their constitutional disregard file suit for their constitutional rights, and most of the time they win.

House Republicans Officially Launch Investigations Into Biden Documents

By Jack Phillips, The Epoch Times, January 13, 2023:

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-Ky.) requested a range of documents and other materials from the White House after it was revealed that classified documents were found at President Joe Biden’s office and Delaware home, triggering a special counsel investigation.

In a new letter issued to White House counsel Stuart Delery on Friday, Comer noted that his committee recently initiated an investigation into Biden’s possession of classified materials and said that more documents are needed by Jan. 27. That includes “all classified documents” that were recently obtained by Biden’s lawyers “at any location,” according to the letter.

Comer’s letter also sought a complete list of Biden’s aides and lawyers who are tasked to look through Biden’s documents, a list of locations where the documents were found, and communications and documents that were sent between the Department of Justice and White House or the National Archives. The latest House Oversight letter was triggered after a second batch of documents were found by Biden’s aides and lawyers inside rooms of his Delaware residence; classified materials were also found at his Washington office.

“We have [documents] revealing this address appeared on Hunter’s driver’s license as recently as 2018,” House Oversight Republicans wrote, referring to Biden’s son Hunter Biden, “the same time he was cutting deals with foreign adversaries.”

The nexus between the tranche of documents and Hunter Biden is notable, as the GOP has long sought to investigate connections between the president and his son’s controversial business ventures in China and Ukraine. Before Republicans took control of the House, Comer and other Republicans announced they want to make investigating the Bidens’ business dealings a priority.



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