The White House: A Headquarter for the KGB’s Mafia/Army

“I am worried about capitalism” — Bernard Marcus, Co-founder of Home Depot

What a mess Biden’s America is in! We surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban-terrorists after twenty years of war and enormous human sacrifices. Then Biden’s America opened our Southern border and the migrants from 160 countries invaded American land, depriving us of our national sovereignty. Watch the politicized FBI and the planned 87 thousand IRS additional members to watch you. Biden killed our energy independence and created an American crisis, which then turned to a global crisis. Who is interested in applying such destructive politics in America? The answer is: Socialist/Globalists, Biden’s White House and his predecessors in the Democrat Party. They have been transforming capitalist America to socialism for the last 3-4 decades. My heart is bleeding, I have run from socialism and dearly love my adopted country, and I don’t want socialism in America!

Socialism corrupts everything it touches. Don’t you feel it in Biden’s America? Something unprecedented happened lately, two Special Counsels have been appointed for two American Presidents: Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden. Aren’t you surprised by the similarity of the cases, conducts and charges? History has always determined our future and present, and knowledge is Power. Therefore the focus of both Special Counsels should be Putin’s Russia, its Intel Apparatus and ideology of Soviet Socialism. I know that because as a former Soviet attorney I have been writing about Russia vis-à-vis America for the last forty years. You can read my columns for free…

We have been talking non-stop about Russia for the last seven years. Yet do we know the subject matter? No, not at all. That is why the long-term discussions didn’t bring any solutions or results. On the contrary, the chaos in America worsened to the highest degree. America doesn’t know about Socialism! Socialism has never worked in Russia and it will never work in China, dealing with very entrepreneurial Chinese people. We know that Socialism didn’t work in many other countries where it has been implemented by force. Look at Venezuela, it is rich in oil, but people run from the Socialist regime. The Chinese military ambitions are known to the world, the Russian covert actions from within are covered up by the Dems. The point is: the Chinese military ambition is known to the world, the Russian covert actions from within are covered up by the Dems to destroy the American Constitutional republic. Do you get it?

America’s national security is the main concern for me and this matter requires a complete knowledge of Russia, its Intel and Security Apparatus. All of them are a direct threat to America’s National Security, which forced me to dedicate forty years of my life to educate and warn the American people about Russia and its Socialist ideology of Soviet Socialism. The Soviet people called it—Stalinism. I have lived under Stalinism half of my life, working within the legal community and learning the agenda of Soviet Socialism. All details you can find in any of my books or in my columns, read them for free at

Stalinism: Soviet Socialism or Soviet Fascism

The explanation about the current Biden’s Classified Docs scandal started almost a hundred years ago by the agenda of Soviet Socialism, established by Comrade Stalin: One World Socialist Government under Kremlin’s Rule. Stalin’s idea of a world government under the Kremlin’s rule has become a major agenda of the Communist Party for all further Communist leaders. The political ideology translated into the application of force, expansion, invasion, and occupation: the East European Warsaw Pact testified to that. Seeing a rare situation on the globe and America’s vulnerability, Stalin waged a war against Western civilization. I gave this war a new title—WW III. . You can read a lot about WW III in my columns.

Stalin’s domestic policies also applied force against his own people and destroyed Russian agriculture and industry. To enforce his policy Stalin had involved the Soviet security apparatus, including secret police-weaponization of the government. He also determined the exact language of how to wage the war domestically and outside, a Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication and fraud. This war has never ended and it is proceeding today in Biden’s America. If you analyze the deeds of Biden’s team, you will find a constant and deliberate application of Stalinist, Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication, and fraud. You will find all of these actions purposely used by Biden’s team. Pay attention to that: this is the sign of criminal activities and possibly a “crime scene…”

The title of this segment is not accidental: in my writing for forty years, I had been discussing two terms; whether we were dealing with Soviet Socialism or with Soviet Fascism. I have done it deliberately to emphasize the significance of Stalinism, his ideology and warn the American people and the world about its catastrophic danger. Following Stalin’s timeline and agenda, it should be noticed that Stalin understood the needs of the cadres: he started in Asia. The foundation of North Korea as a Socialist State was the beginning of the “Axis of Evil ” established in 1948. The Korean War Balkanized Asia, caused the Vietnam War and further expansion to help Stalin establish the Chinese Communist State. Read my columns.

Considering Solzhenitsyn’s account, Stalin’s Socialist agenda cost Russia–60 million lives. Other experts suggested—80 million. Counting expansions, invasions, and occupations plus China, and all wars started after the Korean War, I believe that over 200 million people died by fighting for or against Socialism. You should know Stalinism to perceive the current resemblance of two President’s cases—this is a continuation of Stalinist postulate to make Republicans guilty for the crimes the Democrats have committed for decades.

Here is Stalin’s order: ““Never admit a crime committed, instead accuse your opponent of that exact crime.” Please, recall the past seven years and the Dem’s fiasco accusing Trump of collusion with Russia. They did it to cover up that exact crime that they had committed following Stalinist recommendation. I have named the leaders of the false accusations: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin. We see those false accusations against Republicans again today. That is the reason I have focused my entire writings on explaining and showing the culprit, the KGB’s Mafia/Army and the existence of the “criminal cabal”, the Swamp in America who colluded with Russia’s Intelligence Apparatus.

It was Russia’s Intel that infiltrated our Universities by Socialist/Communist professors in 1950-1960. You see the results in the 21st century in our Universities, when Penn Biden Center had received $57 Million from Chinese/Communists. Joe Biden had received $1 Million as a professor at the University, though he has never had a class to teach. Please, recall Stalin’s Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication and fraud. Biden’s administration demonstrates all listed behaviors—watch their performances. For me, it is a painful return to the Stalinist Soviet Union and an incredible victory of the KGB’s Mafia/Army. What a shame that the Democrat Party sold our America the Beautiful to the Socialists and Communists of the world! We have hundred thousand Socialists/Communists infiltrated in our democratic institutions, including the U.S. Congress. Read my columns.

Twitter Files main revelations by Matt Taibbi, shows the relationship between big tech and Intel agencies. I have been talking about the failed FBI and CIA for forty years. They don’t know Russia, its Intel and Stalinist Soviet Socialism. They don’t know that there are no Mexican Cartels, they are Russian Cartels–KGB’s Mafia/Army established by Stalin in 1950-1960 in Mexico. They couldn’t vet. We have Mayor Pete as the Secretary of Transportation, though he can be a part of the KGB’s Mafia/Army within Biden’s team. Infiltration and destruction of our democratic institutions is the major task of the enemy. We don’t have experts on the KGB’s Mafia/Army, and we suffer greatly. We are not prepared for war.

Please, read Stalin’s prediction:

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual Life. If you can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” — Joseph Stalin.

I have Republican Senators and Representatives, sending them my columns. They used the information, but none of them mentioned the title of the columns to educate the American people, who didn’t know that the attacks on 9/11 had been coordinated by Putin’s Russia. That is the reason you saw the enemy’s slogans: “Defund the Police” and a consequent open season on Police Officers. My blood was boiling… I also had a correspondence with some Republican leaders, too. You can see and read them:

“Hi Kevin, please don’t waste time. The Democrats are the lying thugs and traitors, they are corrupt and created lawlessness in America. I have been writing about this for the last few decades. Please follow my advice. The executive branch is as corrupt as any government institution under Socialism. Using a President with dementia, the White House is occupied by the KGB’s Mafia/Army and therefore run by Vladimir Putin. Don’t be surprised, do what I have suggested fast. The Dem won’t stop fighting the Republican Party to destroy our Constitutional Republic. Believe me, I know them very well. Let one of your staffers read my columns, the Republicans must know our foremost enemy-Russia. Better late than never. Time is short!

Good Luck!


Simona Pipko <> Dec 23, 2022, 10:09 PM (2 days ago)


To Leader

Hi Kevin,

I am endorsing you as Leader and wish you success in two upcoming years. It will be hard: the FBI and CIA are infiltrated by the foreign agency to be précised by the Russian KGB’s Mafia/Army, and so the Democrat Party—our enemy #1. We have been betrayed by the Dems for 6-7 decades, while Republicans have hibernated. The catastrophe is unspeakable and the response should be adequate. The main culprit is Biden’s staff, who use a demented President’s name. He is taking the orders from his staff, it is them who are manipulating the message of the Pandemic, too. No bipartisanship. Stop Putin, who is running Biden’s America, including Afghanistan!

House’s Committees will investigate the criminal cabal, but the Republicans should help the process by applying the 25th Amendment against demented Joe Biden and stop the continuation of treason. I know the enemy and have been writing about the KGB’s Mafia/Army for many decades. To be successful next year, my endorsement should be between us. Period. Only Ronny Jackson can be privately approached to help with application of the 25th Amendment. It should be announced as a surprise for the Dems. That must be done as soon as possible, don’t waste time. The Democrats won’t be able to fight MD. Experts. Please, think out of the box. The next step will be the Impeachment of the VP. Harris. Read my columns:


Simona Pipko


1:07 PM (7 hours ago)

To House

“Congratulations Kevin! To do the right thing for America, you should know our ideological enemy. As a former Soviet attorney, I dedicated my writings to introduce to America the Russian Intel that destroys us from within. That knowledge is a must for any decent Americans and your great agenda. I invented the term the KGB’s Mafia/Army to identify the force that covertly destroys us from within an organized invasion to America from 160 countries—a global humanitarian crisis.

This destructive force acts openly under the name of the Democrat Party to demolish the Republican leadership. You saw this RED FLAG in the speech of the Democrat leader presenting you as a Speaker–it was a speech of Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication, and fraud. That exact Socialist modus operandi will attack you and the Republican Party for the upcoming two years in the House. You must know this force. To learn about the Russian disinformation-scam and save America, let one of your staffers read my columns. Start with my latest:

Good luck,


On Sun, Jan 8, 2023 at 12:54 PM House GOP HQ <> wrote: To unsubscribe from the Team Scalise, click here

Keep in mind the FBI has been infiltrated by the Russian Intel at least since 2002, when the top officer falsely submitted my name to the FISA Court to make me a Foreign Agent. My writings have been sabotaged since then, but Mr. Wray has never investigated the crime against me, an American citizen. There is an explanation why the DOJ couldn’t keep secret Biden’s irresponsible behavior, known to them before the midterm election. The White House was monitoring my computer and knew my correspondence with the leaders of the Republican Party. They saw my drafts for several emails to Jim Jordan and Kevin McCarthy. That is the reason they couldn’t keep secret Biden’s additional Classified Docs. Please, look at my email to Jim Jordan two days prior to the DOJ revelation of Biden’s Classified Docs in the garage. The Democrat Party has done catastrophic harm to American national security and wasted $ Trillions to bankrupt The U.S.A.!

Here is my email to Jim Jordan:

Simona Pipko <> Tue, Jan 10, 4:47 PM (4 days ago)

To Jim

“Biden’s trip to the border was a theatrical performance to cover up the crime. All our troubles collide with the border-invasion orchestrated by Putin/Biden collusion. To my knowledge Biden colluded with Putin since 2013 as a VP. To learn about the Russian operation disinformation-scam and save America, let one of your staffers read my columns. Start with this: Russia is a primary culprit in Treason, its KGB’s Mafia/Army now destroying us from within by the Putin/Biden conspiracy.”

You will be the judge of my column and advice given to the Republican leaders by me. I expect fair criticism. I also leave it to you to determine the name of our enemy: Soviet Socialism or Soviet Fascism. Please, watch and consider the recent events of the Russia/Ukrainian War, the killings of civilians and everything alive by Russia.

To be continued and at

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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