Interview with Trump Senior Advisor Jeff DeWit Who is Seeking the Chairmanship of the Arizona State GOP

Former Arizona State Treasurer and Trump Senior Advisor, Jeff DeWit is my guest on Arizona Today. What made me designate this segment and the segment with Rep. Mark Finchem as SPECIAL EDITIONS are the weighted issues presented by both gentlemen. Jeff DeWit is seeking the Chairmanship of the Arizona State GOP at a time when the GOP appears to have become more “uniparty” than a political organization defending sound conservative and family principles, as well as the freedoms given to us by our founders. A lot of good talking points are sounded by many GOP leaders but, as they say, “the proof is in the pudding.” Unfortunately much of the GOP pudding has lost its’ taste to voters in general and conservatives in particular. Both Rep. Mark Finchem and Mr. Jeff DeWit candidly discuss this aspect without concern about being politically correct.

Arizona along with five other states were specifically targeted by Socialists, Globalists, and the Political Establishment during the 2020 National Election, and again in 2022. True conservatives in these states were not funded or supported strongly by either their state or the national GOP. Add to this the ugly truths that have come to light as to how our electoral process has been severely compromised, and we have a dedicated assault of our very freedoms taking place for all to see. Jeff DeWit continues the candid discussion as to the trouble the GOP is really facing unless strong and dedicated leaders step forward and fight the good fight to return us to values we all once enjoyed and, yes, possibly took for granted.

DeWit is most transparent as to why he has chosen to seek the Chairmanship of the Arizona GOP. Regardless of what state in our union you might be watching this conversation, this gentleman presents openly his views and beliefs as what is immediately needed if we are going to save our beloved nation from the full collapse Biden/Obama/Soros and their acolytes in both parties are engineering. Jeff DeWit’s views can be applied regardless of the state you call home. Arizona is fortunate to have someone of high caliber and verified experience come forward for such a time as this. Please listen carefully to why this gentleman needs to be elected State GOP Chairman in Arizona, and what you might begin asking how you might find someone of like mind and values for leadership in your home state. Both special editions share critical and sobering details of the real battle taking place in real time to turn America into something it was never meant to become, and our founders would be aghast to see today.

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