Winning the Transgender Wars

Here’s what happens when schools and courts conspire to keep child gender transitioning secret from parents:

Appomattox County High School in Virginia kept Sage’s gender transitioning hidden from her parents.  After boys at school threatened her with violence, she ran away to Maryland where she became the victim of a sexual assault.  A judge refused to return her to her parents on the grounds their refusal to affirm her as a male was child abuse.  She was housed in the boys’ part of a children’s home.  She fled and was sex-trafficked until rescued by law enforcement in Texas.

Not a happy story, but one brought to you by the insane Democrats and the Transgender Industrial Complex both of which refuse to acknowledge the ruinous consequences of their communist-inspired transgender ideology.

A Virginia lawmaker has introduced ‘Sage’s Law’ to require schools to notify parents if their child asserts a new gender identity, to prohibit schools from encouraging students to keep gender transitioning secret from parents, and to prevent courts from ruling that raising children in accordance with their biological sex is child abuse.  The Democrats, who control the Virginia Senate, are expected to kill the bill.  Not only that, the Democrats want to bring back their own bill declaring parents criminals if they refuse to affirm their child’s transgender identity.

The battle has been joined.  Either families mean something and parents have rights, or children are state property and public schools are in control of parenting decisions, as the radical Left education establishment has been working toward for decades.  Here are some other ways people are fighting back against the Evil Empire:

Utah just passed a law banning sex change surgery for youth and hormone treatments for minors not diagnosed with gender dysphoria.  Florida’s medical boards banned transgender drugs and surgeries for minors under 18.

Victories in court are starting to pile up.  A federal appeals court ruled last month Florida’s policy of separating school bathrooms based on biological sex is not discriminatory or unconstitutional.  A federal court in Texas struck down Biden administration rules that would have required the state to legalize sex-change procedures for children in order to receive federal funds.  A federal judge upheld West Virginia’s law barring biological males from competing in girls’ sports.  A female athletes group put the NCAA on notice colleges must stop allowing men into women’s college sports or the group will sue.

We’re finally starting to see mercenary healthcare and social service providers being held accountable for indiscriminantly promoting sex change services.  One former transitioner in Oregon sued a social worker and mental health therapist for the “abhorrent misdiagnosis” that led to the removal of her breasts.  An 18-year-old is suing Kaiser Permanente for breaching the standard of care in unjustifiably giving her sex change drugs and surgery starting when she was 13.  She alleges Kaiser misinformed her when it claimed her gender dysphoria would not resolve on its own and that she was at high risk for suicide if she did not transition.  All lies.  These cases are part of a growing trend of medical providers getting sued for wrongful transitioning.  Good, it’s about time the financially self-interested merchants of gender dysphoria were held accountable for their actions.

The fight has been taken to other fronts:  The Catholic Diocese of Des Moines issued a policy “forbidding puberty blockers, cross-dressing and even preferred pronouns on its property.”  South Dakota terminated a contract with a transgender activist group hosting a Gender Identity Summit this month.  A Vermont family is suing the school district for retaliating against it for speaking out against the district’s transgender policies.

When confronted with a daughter who said she was transgender, a mother took the daughter’s phone, put her in a new school, and continually reinforced the truth to the daughter that she was female.  The mother stood strong, and prevailed after 18 months when the daughter stopped claiming a transgender identity.  That’s what it takes.  With parental rights come parental responsibilities.

Democrats are deliberately using transgender ideology to tear families apart in order to empower their god – the State – and to render families, individuals, and the private sphere in general powerless.  It’s all about the Democrats’ insane lust for power and growing the government – transgender kids are just sacrificial pawns in their evil game.

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