The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction: WWIII

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we lose our freedoms it will be because we have destroyed ourselves from within.” — Abraham Lincoln

History is a biography of each country, its culture and mindset of its people. History has a catalog of facts over the centuries. History is the story of whatever Man has done, with emphasis upon institutional and group activities on a certain territory. “History is the most inclusive and pervasive of the social studies and partakes of the nature of each of the others when it records activities which fall within their scope.” You can read history, walking along the city and admiring the monuments, old buildings and the beauty of the history presented to you from the past. There’s no country without history, it controls the past, present and future of the country. We are now in the present of our history under Biden’s team.

Yes, we are at WWIII, but Biden’s government hasn’t recognized it, yet despite the fact that I’ve been writing about the war for the last forty years. 71% of the American people know and feel it, as the real overwhelming nationwide crime defines humanity. Mass shootings could leave you speechless, and the open border policy helps the terrorists-enemies to infiltrate our land and deprive us of our sovereignty. We are in chaos and catastrophe, let alone that Biden’s team is earmarking and cataloging executive orders to bankrupt the U.S. History will help you to understand the current mess in America. Please, read my column A Global Spy Ring: Obama, Putin, and Biden, July 9, 2020

I am watching all of that in fear and revulsion, because I know the enemy-terrorists who are waging WWIII against us. It was officially waged by the decision of the Soviet government in 1955. Living in the Soviet Union for fifty years and serving in a legal community as a defense attorney, I know the enemy-terrorists armed with Socialist/Communist ideology. Unfortunately, most people don’t know that ideology and only realized that Russia is a terrorist state on October 24th, 2022 with Russia’s unprovoked aggression against Ukraine. Make no mistake, Russia is the enemy. You don’t know that Russia has been drugging America since 1955—Socialist California illustrates it loudly. Here is my definition of WWIII: Recruitment, Infiltration, Drugs, and Assassinations.

I have been writing about Socialism for forty years. It wasn’t the Socialism of Marxist theory. Marxist theory has never been tried in practice, but it was used by Dictator Joseph Stalin to establish and promote his own politico-economic system on a federal one party framework. The first Socialist Revolution in 1917 Russia had given Stalin the opportunity to create the governmental regime of Soviet Socialism. I called it Soviet Fascism and discussed the subject matter in my books and columns. Soviet Socialism is a two-fold system: government ownership of all means of production secured by force of Secret Police. This is the reason I was writing about the KGB’s Mafia/Army for forty years to show you the difference, to expose the Evil/Doer—the KGB’s Mafia/Army…

Let me give you a couple of words about my knowledge of Marxism and Soviet Socialism. Marxism was my favorite subject at Law School for four years, it was the only information from the West, living under the Iron Curtain in Russia. I never thought that knowledge of Marxism would make me a writer. It has happened in America. Unfortunately, America missed a chunk of the 20th century history—Stalin’s dictatorship and his Soviet Socialism, which has now spread across the world by the KGB’s Mafia/Army. This knowledge is a must to save the American Constitutional republic. To learn about the Putin/Biden collusion, read my book Socialist Revolution in America. XLIBRIS, 2021,

A Global Spy Ring: Obama, Putin, and Biden

The past has always determined the future. To show the immense value of knowledge about Russia and its Intel, I’ll give several examples of actual events that I predicted: judge for yourself. Let’s start with the alleged attack on Paul Pelosi. The body cam footage recently released shows the actual picture of the event. I had commented on the attack on Paul Pelosi in my column December 22, 2022. Here it is:

”Pay attention to the words: nationalism, jingoism, and especially, victimology. The manipulation methods of the psychological propaganda by the KGB’s Mafia/Army have not changed since and applied to America today. Therefore, the knowledge of Russia, its Intel and Security Apparatus is a Must to understand how Russia has been demolishing us from within.”

The Paul Pelosi story illustrates it clearly:

Paul Pelosi caused a car accident. There are a lot of questions about Paul Pelosi’s alleged DUI. We don’t have any answers. It’s covered-up. The car was totaled, some injuries were supposedly sustained by both sides—we don’t have any answers. The name of the Dem Speaker Nancy Pelosi has definitely suffered as a result and the KGB’s Mafia/Army was coming to help the Pelosi’s family. Do you remember the word victimology in my above presented piece? Yes, victimology is one of the methods of Socialist ideological manipulation. That is the reason Paul Pelosi has been consequently attacked to become a VICTIM.

Do you have a clear picture of Paul’s attacker and the scene of the attack? No. We don’t know many important details of the attack and the police had found Paul Pelosi, after opening the door, peacefully moving towards the attacker-a very strange picture. All of that, because everything is artificially orchestrated by the KGB’s Mafia/Army to help generate another image to the Pelosi’s family, an image of the VICTIM. Do you remember how Nancy Pelosi was ripping up Trump’s State of the Union Speech on TV? I was threatened by her arrogance. The KGB’s Mafia/Army has total control and power operating in Biden’s team—the Soviet Socialist Revolution is moving ahead in America.” We Have Been Betrayed December 22, 2022/in Commentary, Culture War, Hot Topics, News, Policy, Politics, Social Issues, Waste, Fraud and Abuse/by Simona Pipko

I have to add to my piece that the attack happened a week prior to the 2022 midterm election. I would recommend you to read the column. Now we had the opportunity to see the video and listen to the audio. My prediction was right on the money, however, some questions are still not answered. After breaking-in the back door David De Pape entered the house. How long did two men peacefully chat, before the Police had arrived? The word peace is unreal, Paul Pelosi knew that a criminal wanted to “kidnap Nancy” and broke the back door: a criminal was in front of him.

The conversation with the police dispatcher was too long and didn’t show the emergency and threat of the predicament. The picture of the actual attack was skillfully choreographed in front of the Police—a typical fabricated spectacle. If you know the KGB’s Mafia/Army, you will recognize its design to demonstrate the spectacle instantly—it was a theatrical performance for the Police… That is the reason the Dems and their defenders-protectors didn’t want you to see the actual events and scene of crime. David De Pape is a usually recruited pawn or toy exploited by the KGB, whether he mentally ill or not doesn’t matter: the KGB uses everyone. His audacity to ask for forgiveness is a joke, he doesn’t understand Russian Racket and he doesn’t know the KGB’s Mafia/Army…

Here is another example of WWIII by the KGB’s Mafia/Army in America: Florida Microsoft executive father of 4 gunned down in ‘targeted ambush’. Jared Bridegan was gunned down on a Florida road in what authorities called a ‘targeted ambush.’ Bridegan was driving with his then-2-year-old daughter in Jacksonville Beach on Feb. 16, 2022 and he came upon a tire blocking his path. When he stepped out of the car he was “gunned down in cold blood.” Though I don’t know the name of the criminal, I am sure that the KGB’s Mafia/Army is behind that crime. Raising crime and mass shootings in America has the same foundation. The FBI and CIA have been infiltrated for decades and currently dysfunctional by allowing Russian/Chinese espionage operations and propaganda campaigns in America. We are not protected, our government, the FBI, CIA and DOJ are weaponized against the American citizens like in Stalinist Russia…

WWIII has multiple fronts–it is an ideological war of Socialism/Communism against Capitalism by the tandem Russia/China. Russia uses its cadres implanted for 40-60 years in America, China provides money. The tandem has a complex connection to all three Manchurian Presidents, the Biden presidency shows it by a special ties to the Universities in a current classified Docs scandal. Universities are the places to learn not to dump top-secret Dogs there. Yes, there are some systemic problems, but look at the history and the massive leftist movement within the Universities and Colleges that produced the army of Millennia helping Socialist Revolution in America. Everything is connected. Our youngsters don’t know real Socialism that corrupts everything it touches, and it always involves the use of force. Only knowledge of the enemies can help us revitalize the American Constitutional republic!

Biden’s Mafia-Family: Isn’t This Treason?

I have been following the Biden family since 2013-2014 and write about their crime. For me it started with Ukraine by “criminal cabal” of the three: Obama, Biden, and Hunter. In my opinion, Obama initiated it and Ukraine is the state to begin the investigation of the Dems collusion with Putin. To do it correctly, there is a prerequisite to know Stalinist Socialist/Communist enemy. Here it is:

First, the State Security Apparatus of Russia and China are identical—both had been formed by Stalin and worked like hand and glove since. All espionage activities are under their supervision. Second, the money Hunter got from the wife of Moscow’s Mayor had brought the KGB to the White House the next day. All Hunter’s activities in China are under the Chinese State Security Apparatus’ jurisdiction. Don’t be surprised that Joe and Hunter have been sharing the dwelling with Chinese—they are the partners. Third, it is imperative to know the KGB’s Mafia/Army, which acts on behalf of both countries: China and Russia…

Watching what is going on in the country, I am obliged to give some advice to the Republican leadership. I agree with Harmed Dhillon, but there is more. The FBI and CIA have been infiltrated by Russian Intel for decades and we were not protected all that time. We are dealing with a “criminal cabal” of the Dems three Manchurian Presidents who colluded with Russian Intel. America can’t exist without a professional FBI and CIA at the time of a war. As a result, we have the Russian spies in Biden’s team like Mayor Pete and some others.

Republicans are trapped in the vicious circle of their own mistakes. It is not Marxist theory, but developed by Stalin Socialist modus operandi: lies, deception, fabrication, and fraud, used by the Democrat Party against Republicans for decades. Biden’s team constantly demonstrates it. Republicans don’t know Marxism and confuse all Americans by talking about Marxist America. It is wrong. Republicans are helping the Dems to fool America and cover-up the Dems TREASON. Read my columns for free and learn the Truth. I hope that two Special Counsels will read this column and their final product of investigation will deliver the Truth.

To be continued and at

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.


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