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Slowly, steadily and in plain sight the work continues by the Global Elites and their acolytes, to seduce then weaken the masses into a simple, non-thinking compliant herd. The controlling diabolical thought process follows a very similar pattern that has worked through the ages; namely, tell the people a terrible threat is coming or is already present, and most will surrender their rights and freedoms to be safe. The last two elections with tremendous fraud, collusion and deceit was among the more obvious dimensions of forcing change.

Mentioned below is a sobering and troubling study of the process to collapse America into the New-World Order, Global Governance that was launched years ago. Evidence of just how far this diabolical plan has reached is all around. To stop America’s decline, patriots much similar to those our founders were, will need to stand up, come forward and possibly prepare to make a sacrifice so freedom may still ring. To stop America’s decline and Make America Great Again, we need to Make America God-fearing Again!

Read the information below. Decide if you wish to stand and come forward. Then look around to find others who also have made such a decision and join them to stop America’s decline. Ask for discernment so you may reveal those who seek public office and talk smoothly out of both sides of their mouth having one foot in seeking popularity and acceptance at great compromise to the values and principles that brought forth our exceptional nation, versus those who stand, speak support and loyalty, but with ample provable evidence, to the values and principles that brought forth our exceptional nation. There are many who talk the good talk but do not have evidence of walking the good walk our founders would be proud to call, “fellow Servant Leaders.”

Grab a cup of coffee (Makers Mark might prove to be better) because what follows is detailed, riveting but not a quick gloss over read. I sincerely pray you do read what is about to follow. We are in a war to preserve this exceptional nation given to us, if we would but keep it! Please take the time. Please distribute this further. Please go to your knees and ask for direction as to how you may help; with whom may you join?

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The agenda for world domination by the World Economic Forum


The official agenda for world domination by the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization, the United Nations and their globalist allies (World Bank, IMF, BIS, BlackRock, etc.) – this is the greatest threat to humanity since the dawn of time.

The United Nations are currently rolling out Agenda 2030, with the notorious “sustainability goals”. This worldwide project aims to completely transform every aspect of human existence: food, sexuality, family, work, finance, health, education, everything! This will supposedly put an end to poverty, hunger, inequality, sickness, and other bad things. A former executive director who worked at the UN for two decades, tells a different story. He explains that the UN is controlled by criminals who use it to enrich themselves, and enslave humanity.


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