What? Air Force Shot Down $12 Hobby Balloon with $500,000 Missiles!

Congratulations to the Commander-in-Cheap and his WOKE Department of Defense for shooting down a $12 hobby balloon over Lake Huron using 2  $500,000 Sidewinder Missiles (1st one missed) with permission of feckless Canadian PM Trudeau and bragging about it.

Beijing Joe also bragged about his actions regarding a real threat, the Communist Chinese Spy Balloon which was allowed to fly all way across the continental USA and close to dozens of sensitive military installations like our ICBM silos in Montana before finally being shot down.

I really feel safer now.

US Air Force may have shot down hobby club’s balloon worth US$12 with US$439,000 missile

By Aqil Hamzah

The United States Air Force (USAF) launched a US$439,000 (S$587,000) missile to take down an unknown flying object that might prove to be something quite unremarkable: a US$12 (S$16) hobby balloon.

A hobby group in the US, the Northern Illinois Balloon Brigade, was reported by The Guardian as saying that one of its pico balloons had gone “missing in action” over Alaska on Feb 11, when a USAF F-22 fighter jet coincidentally shot down an object flying in the vicinity of Canada’s Yukon territory.

A pico balloon is equipped with trackers typically used to measure temperature, humidity, pressure or wind currents.

Although the group did not link the two events, the balloon’s trajectory suggests a possible connection.

The group’s website said that balloon K9YO was last reported to have been flying at an altitude of 11,560m near Hagemeister Island in Alaska.

However, as “no part of the object shot down… has been recovered,” the group said it was unable to confirm definitively if it was indeed one of their balloons.

The unidentified flying object that was shot down over Yukon was the second one to be felled, with US President Joe Biden issuing orders to take down three of them on consecutive days, starting on Feb 10.

US Department of Defense officials had said that the objects did not pose a military threat, but their flight paths and proximity to sensitive sites, as well as their altitudes, were potential hazards to civil aviation, causing concern.

They have since said that the objects were possibly commercial ones or used for climate research purposes.

The downing of the objects comes after the US in early February shot down an alleged Chinese spy balloon that had flown into its airspace.

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