Lysenkoism Is Today’s Environmentalism and It’s Bent On Killing Millions of People

“Trofim Lysenko’s spurious research prolonged famines that killed millions.”Sam Kean, Washington, D.C.  based writer for The Atlantic.

Have you ever heard of Lysenkoism? It is named after the former Soviet Era’s deadliest scientist Trofim Lysenko.

In a December 19, 2017 The Atlantic article Sam Kean wrote this about Trofim Lysenko,

Although it’s impossible to say for sure, Trofim Lysenko probably killed more human beings than any individual scientist in history. Other dubious scientific achievements have cut thousands upon thousands of lives short: dynamite, poison gas, atomic bombs. But Lysenko, a Soviet biologist, condemned perhaps millions of people to starvation through bogus agricultural research—and did so without hesitation. Only guns and gunpowder, the collective product of many researchers over several centuries, can match such carnage.

Trofim Lysenko was a Marxist who put his political ideology before scientific facts. Kean wrote, “So when the doctrines of science and the doctrines of communism clashed, he always chose the latter—confident that biology would conform to ideology in the end. It never did.”

Fast forward to today. Lysenkoism has morphed into today’s environmentalism. For the environmentalists when the doctrines of science and the doctrines of environmentalism clash, the latter prevails. Therefore the environmentalist will always conform to their ideology, ignoring the science.

Just as Lysenko vaulted to the top of the Soviet scientific heap with unusual speed so to have the environmentalists in the current regime.  Like Lysenko environmentalists believe that the climate will conform to their doctrines and ideology, science be damned.

Environmentalism and Lysenkoism—Two Sides of the Marxist Coin

The current regime in Washington, D.C. has as it’s basic ideological philosophy to ignore DNA and genes as did Lysenko.

Kean reported, “Officials eventually put Lysenko in charge of Soviet agriculture in the 1930s. The only problem was, he had batty scientific ideas. In particular, he loathed genetics. Although a young field, genetics advanced rapidly in the 1910s and 1920s; the first Nobel Prize for work in genetics was awarded in 1933. And especially in that era, genetics emphasized fixed traits: Plants and animals have stable characteristics, encoded as genes, which they pass down to their children. Although nominally a biologist, Lysenko considered such ideas reactionary and evil, since he saw them as reinforcing the status quo and denying all capacity for change. (He in fact denied that genes existed.)

Today there are those who deny that there a only two genders, XX, male and XY, female, which has now become public policy as part of the equity, inclusion and diversity agenda. Denying that genes exist is fundamental to pushing the big lie, especially to the young and uninformed.

According to Kean, “…Lysenko promoted the Marxist idea that the environment alone shapes plants and animals. Put them in the proper setting and expose them to the right stimuli, he declared, and you can remake them to an almost infinite degree.

Today environmentalists promote the idea that plants, animals and mankind shape the environment and if properly controlled the environment will be saved from the evils of mankind. How? By reducing the impact of mankind by eliminating mankind.

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The objective is to replace science with ideology. By doing so then the science becomes the political rhetoric that will fundamentally transform not only America but the entire world.

As Kean warned, “Like the Soviet Union itself, the ‘science’ of Trofim Lysenko has been consigned to the dustbin of history. Yet the dangers of Lysenkoism—of subsuming biology to ideology—continue to lurk.”

The newest form of Lysenkoism is Environmentalism. Today the dangers of environmentalism—of subsuming science to ideology—continues to lurk in Washington, D.C.

Prove us wrong!

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