FORENSIC REPORT: 25% of judges in Arizona are involved with payouts from the drug cartels

Attorney John Thaler reports, in the below video, that at least 25% of judges in Arizona are involved with payouts from the drug cartels. Three (3) counties in Arizona are directly mentioned in this forensic research. Very sobering information but critical if we are to return to integrous elections, and integrous elected officials.

Watch as Brannon Howse Interviews Attorney John Thaler on the claim that politicians in U.S. are corrupted by a drug cartel money laundering scheme and involved in election theft.

Election Fraud Testimony

The Arizona State Senate Committee on Election Integrity Hearing on February 23rd, 2023, at the Arizona State Capitol heard testimony from a subject-matter specialist is riveting, and a bombshell further exposing the alleged fraud, collusion, and coverup, as well as other considerations. While many questions still need to be asked, what you are about to hear is testimony studiously gathered and protected until this time. Furthermore, the evidence clearly suggests a most sophisticated set of dimensions and payments were incorporated among elected officials and judges. An added dimension of this exposing shares how then Arizona Governor Ducey and Arizona Attorney General Brnovich had been informed.

Watch the full testimony of Jacqueline Breger at AZ Committee on February 23, 2023.

Not only the citizens of Arizona, but citizens across our nation have been the victims of the most serious and heinous diabolical attack through our electoral process in both 2020 and again in 2022. Painfully slowly the evidence is emerging, and as the evidence presents, it will become more clear as to why it has taken so long and has been such an arduous process to reveal the alleged criminal acts. Far more will be coming to light.

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