Number of Children Identifying as Transgender Surges

Transgender identification is on the rise, especially among the youth. Now why is that? Because the left has made it the fashion. And kids follow the fashion. Trends and fashion (especially from the left) has always had it’s crazy, dark, wild, destructive aspects to it. What makes this so monstrous is it damages, destroys, and sexually mutilates the child for life after the fashion.

Keep your children out of public schools and off line.

Number of Youth Identifying as Transgender Surges

By: Breitbart News, March 16, 2023:

Tens of thousands of people are seeking life-changing, irreversible medical treatments in an attempt to change their sex.

Transgender identification is on the rise, especially among the youth. One report from the Pew Research Center found that a full five percent of young adults claim that their gender is different from their sex.

The report explains that “the share of U.S. adults who are transgender is particularly high among adults younger than 25,” then adds that “in this age group, 3.1% are a trans man or a trans woman, compared with just 0.5% of those ages 25 to 29.”

In addition, a Reuters report found that diagnoses of youth with gender dysphoria have skyrocketed in the U.S. in recent years. While there were just over 15,000 cases in 2017, the number has shot up to more than 42,o00 in 2021.

“As the number of transgender children has grown, so has their access to gender-affirming care, much of it provided at scores of clinics at major hospitals,” the report reads:

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