Third Reich Eugenics in America’s Hospitals—Part Two

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“The unnatural and increasingly rapid growth of the Feeble-Minded and Insane classes, coupled as it is with a steady restriction among all the thrifty, energetic and superior stocks constitutes a national and race danger which it is impossible to exaggerate. Winston Churchill in a letter to Prime Minister Asquith, advocating the forced sterilization of disabled people.”  — Winston S. Churchill

“The way of nature has always been to slay the hindmost, and there is still no other way, unless we can prevent those who would become the hindmost being born. It is in the sterilization of failures, and not in the selection of successes for breeding, that the possibility of an improvement of the human stock lies.” – H. G. Wells

“It is better for all the world, if instead of waiting to execute degenerate offspring for crime, or to let them starve for their imbecility, society can prevent those who are manifestly unfit from continuing their kind. Three generations of imbeciles are enough.” – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr., Buck v. Bell, 1927

“I wish very much that the wrong people could be prevented entirely from breeding.” —  Theodore Roosevelt

Eugenics is the scientifically erroneous and immoral theory of “racial improvement” and “planned breeding,” which gained popularity during the early 20th century. Eugenicists worldwide believed that they could perfect human beings and eliminate so-called social ills through genetics and heredity.

The term eugenics was first coined by Francis Galton in the late 1800’s (Norrgard 2008). Galton (1822-1911) was an English intellectual whose body of work spanned many fields, including statistics, psychology, meteorology and genetics. Incidentally, he was also a cousin of Charles Darwin. “Eugenics” comes from the Greek roots for “good” and “origin,” or “good birth” and involves applying principles of genetics and heredity for the purpose of improving the human race.

Bill Gates and his father are both strong eugenicists, abortionists and depopulation proponents.  The origin of the Gates Foundation is that both his father’s foundation and his own foundation were merged into the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Link

Population control was very much a core facet of both foundations. Bill’s father was a strong eugenicist, and his son has followed in his footsteps.  Their beliefs are much like those of Margaret Sanger…only healthy seed must be sown.

The eugenics movement took root in the United States in the early 1900‘s, led by Charles Davenport (1866-1944), a prominent biologist, and Harry Laughlin, a former teacher and principal interested in breeding, who argued for compulsory sterilization. In 1910, Davenport founded the Eugenics Record Office (ERO) at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory on Long Island “to improve the natural, physical, mental, and temperamental qualities of the human family” (Norrgard 2008). Laughlin was the first director.

We have specialists who breed dogs, horses, cattle, sheep, hogs, birds, etc.  The pure breeds are more costly but gain far more in reputation.  As for human beings, the Lord told us He knew us before we were formed in the womb and every one of us is different and special.

Yet, the Margaret Sangers of the world, the likes of Hillary Clinton, who adored Sanger, would likely have every black child and a majority of whites aborted before they had a chance to take their first breath. Now they even want the ability to murder the child after birth.  And babies who survive abortion are left to die.  These were the first steps into the horrors of murdering those who are considered damaged or undesirable.

America’s 1920s Eugenics

During the 1920s American eugenics movement, laws were enacted that legalized forced sterilizations and prohibited individuals that had mental or physical defects and couples of mixed-race from marrying.  Children who were born deaf were sterilized because they were thought to be mentally deficient.

Indiana authorities believed criminality, mental problems, and pauperism were hereditary. Various laws were enacted based on this belief. In 1907, Governor J. Frank Hanly approved the first state eugenics law making sterilization mandatory for certain individuals in state custody. Indiana’s sterilizations were halted in 1909 by Governor Thomas R. Marshall.

However, by 1931, Indiana was quickly followed by California and 28 other states (Lombardo n.d.). These laws resulted in the forced sterilization of over 64,000 people in the United States (Lombardo n.d.). At first, sterilization efforts focused on the disabled but later grew to include people whose only “crime” was poverty. These sterilization programs found legal support in the Supreme Court. In Buck v. Bell (1927), the state of Virginia sought to sterilize Carrie Buck for promiscuity as evidenced by her giving birth to a baby out of wedlock (some suggest she was raped).

Lutz Kaelber, Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Vermont, gave a presentation about “eugenic sterilizations” at the 2012 Social Science History Association.  His presentation was entitled, Eugenics: Compulsory Sterilization in 50 American States.  (This site lists each state with a short bio.)

American eugenics refers inter alia to compulsory sterilization laws adopted by over 30 states that led to more than 60,000 sterilizations of disabled individuals. Many of these individuals were sterilized because of a disability: they were mentally disabled or ill, or belonged to socially disadvantaged groups living on the margins of society.

American eugenic laws and practices implemented in the first decades of the twentieth century influenced the much larger National Socialist compulsory sterilization program, which between 1934 and 1945 led to approximately 350,000 compulsory sterilizations and was a stepping stone to the Holocaust. Even after the details of the Nazi sterilization program (as well as its role as a precursor to the “Euthanasia” murders) became more widely known after World War II (and which the New York Times had reported on extensively and in great detail even before its implementation in 1934), sterilizations in some American states did not stop. Some states continued to sterilize residents into the 1970s.

While Germany has taken important steps to commemorate the horrors of its past, including compulsory sterilization (however belatedly), the United States arguably has not when it comes to eugenics. For some states, there still is a paucity of reliable studies that show how and where sterilizations occurred. Hospitals, asylums, and other places where sterilizations were performed have so far typically chosen not to document that aspect of their history. Moreover, until now there has never been a website providing an easily accessible overview of American eugenics for all American states.

Nazi Germany Eugenics and Murder

Hitler elevated eugenics to a height previously unseen by euthanizing those who were mentally or physically disabled, elderly or weak. Hitler’s goal was the perfection of the Germanic race.  The Greek term, euthanasia denotes “good death.” Living wills were established by the Euthanasia Society of America.  There is nothing about being gassed to death or shot that denotes a “good death.”

Here is the memorial site for those children, and here is the list of where these many deaths occurred.

The United States holocaust Memorial Museum provides some of the most well-documented evidence of eugenics.  “With the patina of legitimacy provided by ‘racial’ science experts, the Nazi regime carried out a program of approximately 400,000 forced sterilizations and over 275,000 euthanasia deaths that found its most radical manifestation in the death of millions of ‘racial’ enemies in the Holocaust.”

Remember the 1936 Olympics held in Berlin, Germany where Jesse Owens won four Olympic Gold Medals for the USA.  Owens so embarrassed Hitler that he disappeared from the stands.  There were another 17 black Americans representing the USA who also won gold medals.  Jesse Owens is buried in Chicago’s Oak Woods Cemetery, where my father is also laid to rest.  Those 18 black Olympic stars spit in the face of one of history’s most evil leaders.

“Euthanasia” had several components. It consisted of the ‘T4’ gassing program in 1940-41 of mostly adult hospitalized patients in psychiatric facilities, including a “special action” against psychiatrically ill Jewish patients. It also involved the murder of psychiatric patients in Poland and other territories occupied by Germany and its allies (Italy and Japan), and extermination of others who were perceived as having become unproductive or disruptive, such as sick inmates in concentration camps (action 14f13 Himmler’s order). Moreover, it comprised “decentralized” or “wild” “euthanasia” of the old, sick and frail in hospitals after the T4 program had been stopped (Friedlander 1995; Kaminsky 2008; Süß 2000).

The program also included “children’s euthanasia.” Put in place in 1939, the program aspired, in the words of a medical observer at the Nuremberg doctor’s trial, to operate in a more goal-oriented, orderly, and “scientific” manner than these other measures (Platen Hallermund 1948, 45 child murder). Based on the mandatory reporting of malformations and disabilities among infants to health authorities, “children’s euthanasia” constituted a hallmark in history: for the first time a modern industrial nation was systematically commandeering its medical scientific apparatus to screen out members of society based on their putative lack of ability to contribute to society.

This all occurred before the vast hundreds of slave labor and murder camps took hold in their culling of Jewish, Gypsy, homosexual and resistance fighters who, throughout Europe, were slaughtered and buried in mass graves or gassed and their bodies burnt in the fires of the crematorium, their ashes dumped in mass graves or water.

America’s Killing Fields

America is following Hitler’s example of eugenics with the hospital protocol dictates handed down by unelected bureaucrats.  Disabled and aging Americans are being murdered.

Please watch Dr. Vernon Coleman’s latest 17 min. video regarding the barbaric actions in hospitals around the world.  He describes exactly what happened to Grace Schara.

Murder became common place throughout the nation’s C-19 hospital wards, but it wasn’t just the one-size-fits-all protocols that killed.

It wasn’t that 80% of those on ventilators died.

It wasn’t the remdesivir treatments at $3100 per treatment that damaged kidneys and livers.

It wasn’t that 75% of those who received three remdesivir treatments died.

It wasn’t that proper care wasn’t taken and patients weren’t turned or propped up in bed or bathed or fed.  Many were dehydrated, starving and had bedsores.

It wasn’t that patients died alone without their loved ones.

It was murder…outright sanctioned murder.

For federal money? Or for eugenics…ridding the nation of those considered undesirable, and saving the government funding of the elderly and disabled.  Or both?

Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) orders were placed in patients’ charts by the attending physicians or nurses for elderly, disabled and mentally or physically challenged young people.

Palliative care injections, like those used by hospice for the dying, were administered by nursing staff.  It is considered specialized medical care for people living with a serious illness, such as cancer or heart failure. Palliative care usually consists of strong pain medications which alleviate suffering and help with the remaining quality of life.

Terminal or palliative care is used by a majority of hospices today. This often involves permanently sedating the patient, allowing the patient to dehydrate and die. It looks outwardly peaceful as the patient is made to sleep in a medically-induced coma, but the patient’s death is the result. Dying of dehydration is a monstrous death. My mother was starved and dehydrated to death in 1994 in a nursing home.  It has been going on for far too long.  If you have a medical power of attorney, do not let them dehydrate you, and you must demand the proper amount of water for a body per day, not the little amount the hospital will allow, but enough to keep the body comfortable.

Terminally-sedating the patient is something that can be done in hospice that doesn’t outwardly appear like euthanasia where a lethal agent is given. Morphine is the potent opiate which directly effects the central nervous system. It has neurotoxic effects on the brain. Overdoses lead to asphyxia and respiratory depression. It slows metabolism, causes incontinence, and has acute and chronic effects on the endocrine system, blood, the heart and lungs. The hospice “cocktail” usually consists of Ativan, Haldol and Morphine.

It also doesn’t outwardly appear like assisted suicide where a patient takes a lethal medication prescribed by a physician. Terminal sedation is more subtle and deceptive.

Sars-coV-2 patients died at alarming rates because of the protocols and the C-19 test which was rigged to show false positives. Physicians were actually coached to claim C-19 as the diagnosis in order to shovel federal funds into the coffers of the medical facility.

Sanctioned Eugenics

In the March 13, 2023 issue of the New American Magazine, Rebecca Terrell’s article, Covid Hospital Rescue featured an interview of Scott Schara.  Scott, and his wife Cindy, lost their daughter Grace to hospital sanctioned eugenics.  Grace died on October 13, 2021.  Scott blames the genocidal hospital agenda with profits as its goal for the death of his youngest daughter who had Down Syndrome.

Scott described Grace as having been super high functioning.  She could read and write, drive a car, ride horses, play the violin, compose works of art and crack jokes.  Her father said, “She was my buddy.”

Grace’s life is memorialized on Scott’s website,

What happened to Grace was genocidal murder, a murder Scott and Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav have compared to the National Socialists German Workers’ Party (Nazi) in this interview.

Grace Schara, a promising young woman with Down Syndrome, died at the hands of “hospital protocols” on October 13th after being admitted on October 6th, 2021 for COVID-19 treatment. This occurred after she was given a lethal combination dosage of Precedex, Lorazepam, and Morphine within a period of 30 minutes by the attending medical team.

Her death was preventable, especially when you consider these facts:

  • Despite having NO prior authorization from her medical power of attorney, Grace was labeled DNR by the attending physician in violation of Wisconsin State Statute 154.
  • Hospital staff put Grace in restraints simply because she wanted to get up to use the restroom, a disability rights violation.
  • Medical advocate/parent was removed by an armed guard from the hospital room in direct violation of guidelines from the US Department of Health and Human Services to support and protect people with disabilities during the pandemic.
  • No one has satisfactorily explained why that particular cocktail of medicines was used. It is especially odd considering the family was told she had a good day the day before, prompting the doctor to recommend a feeding tube be placed on the morning of the day Grace later died.
  • One doctor, who reviewed the complete records provided by the hospital, wrote to the Schara family: “Precedex is a medicine used for anesthesia to put people to sleep for surgery and procedures. Depending on the dose, it can induce a coma-level sleep. On their own, Precedex, Lorazepam, and Morphine have an increased risk of serious or life-threatening breathing problems and cardiac arrest, and there’s an additive effect when used in combination. To use them like they did in a person with a diagnosis of acute respiratory distress is beyond believable as to intention.”

“Is the medical profession submitting to the U.S. ‘rationed care’ program with its death bonuses, immunity from liability and shroud of secrecy resulting from the lack of patient advocacy?” Scott asked. “When euthanasia by medical dictate is the norm, our loved ones in hospitals are in trouble.”

“It is important that everyone know Grace’s story,” said Scott Schara. “Grace, nor any other disabled person, should have to endure what she did. No family should have to live through this, either.”

Calls for Help

In Rebecca Terrell’s article, Scott tells of a call from the sister of a disabled 44-year-old man.  It was a “hospital hostage situation.”  Her brother, Robert Paiser, weighs only 40 pounds because of a rare genetic disorder which results in a steadily declining muscle mass.  Robert has a brilliant mind and his family loves him.  They were appalled at his treatment and how rapidly he was going downhill.

Scott told her, “They’re going to kill him.”  She knew that and wanted to know what to do.  Scott told her, she has to be there to advocate for Robert.  No DNR allowed, no remdesivir, no ventilator and no jabs.  Unfortunately, Robert had already received three remdesivir treatments which was like receiving six with a body weight of 40 pounds.

The 2019 Palm Clinical Trial had terminated remdesivir because half of the patients died and those who survived had kidney damage.  It was still the only drug FDA approved for treatment of Sars-coV-2.  (And just how did it get approved?)

Scott was totally dismayed that Robert had been given remdesivir and was battling COVID.  He reached out to organizations he knew who would help with hospital rescues.  Nicole Landers with the Truth For Health Foundation; Laura Bartlett, founder of the Hospital Hostage Hotline; and Greta Crawford, founder of jumped into action.

Scott went through the medical directives forms with Robert who agreed to all of them.  He then called Dr. Peter McCullough who referred Scott to Dr. Paul Marik of  Dr. Marik gave Scott the dosages for ivermectin, NAC [N-acetyl cysteine], vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, and then he said, ‘Get a budesonide treatment,’” Scott recalls. He had his wife bring some things from home and then the hospital gave Robert a Budesonide treatment.

While Scott waited for his wife Cindy, he made sure Robert was bathed, linens changed and fed.  In a short time after taking the prescribed dosages, Robert had improved.

Then a nurse came in to give him a flu shot!  (I swear these hospital people have all gone insane.)  At that point Scott said, “We have to get him out of here.”  They left despite the doctor refusing to dismiss him.  According to Against Medical Advice (AMA) they are allowed the freedom to do so.

When they were leaving, Scott asked a nurse, “I may never have this opportunity again, so I’d like to ask you a question. I just want to know, why would you do this? You know they’re trying to kill him. Why would you participate?”  Her response was “If I do not do exactly as they say, they will deport me.”  She was from the Philippines.

Scott Schara believes hospitals are targeting the disabled for two reasons.  One is for the largesse paid out to the hospitals at each step of COVID, the diagnosis, treatment and death, resulting in money from CARES (mentioned in my previous article) plus the extra 20% from Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Service (CMS).

Scott believes the other purpose is to dispose of individuals considered to be a burden on the CMS system.

Hitler copied our 1920s eugenics and expanded upon it.  Now we’re murdering disabled and elderly patients in their hospital beds.


In the early 1970s, we warned that murder of the most innocent in their mother’s wombs was a slippery slope to murdering anyone who was deemed undesirable or a “useless eater.”

America’s hospitals and nursing homes have become Hitler’s “killing fields.”

©Kelleigh Nelson. All rights reserved.

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