How Hi-Tech Israeli Elite Protestors Moved Funds out of Israel — to SVB

Among the organizers of the ongoing street protests in Israel against the recently elected right-wing government, thinly veiled as protests aganst judicial reform, were two individuals who stoked up the theme encouraging high-tech investors to remove their money from Israel.

Organized under the banner of a Marxist-sounding title, the ‘High Tech Workers Resistance’ have been lobbying to move hi-tech initiators and their money out of Israel in the cause of fighting for Israeli democracy.

Can anything be more Jewishly woke than that?

According to the Tablet magazine, one of the protest leaders, Gadi Moses (no relation to the biblical hero), happens to be the Israeli director of the Silicon Valley Bank.

I think you can see where this is heading.

Moses was one of the noisiest in encouraging Israeli entrepreneurs to remove their money from Israel and deposit it in foreign banks such as his SVB vaults.

Bankrupting the Jewish state and encouraging Israel’s innovators to move their money out of the country was, for Moses, his way of safeguarding democracy in Israel.

A case of Moses leading the Jewish people out of their Land and into the wilderness.

He was eagerly followed by Tom Livne, the founder of an AI transcription app company, Verbit, who told the crowd to follow his example by exiting $100 million from Israel and investing it in SVB.

One of the influential groupies was Eynat Guez, the CEO and co-founder of Papaya Capital, valued at more than a billion dollars, who told a protest rally that she was adopting a strange form of patriotism by taking her money out of Israel. And after the SVB crash she tweeted her thanks to traditional Israeli banks, Discount, HaPoalim, and Leumi, for bailing out losers with bridging loans.

So Israeli banks are bailing out hi-tech elites as they bored a massive hole in the hull of the Israeli ship of state but then found themselves adrift in stormy waters when their SVB luxury liner turned out to be their Titanic.

In the meantime, Israel’s Bank Leumi, that began life as the Anglo-Palestine Bank, rescued several Israeli hi-tech companies and investors by using their expertise in moving an estimated $1Billion out of the sinking SVB.

It’s strange how these people claim patriotism as they commit the largest acts of treason Israel has ever witnessed.

There is a biblical reference that came to mind when I pondered the malicious acts of these traitors. It comes from Genesis 12;

“I will bless those that bless you, and I will curse those that curse you.”

Moses, Livne, and Guez are typical of those who deserve to be cursed for the enormous damage they have done to the reputation of Israel by attempting to bankrupt Israel rather than ordering their political idols to do the right thing and get back to the Knesset and make their case in the people’s chamber.

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