PODCAST: How the Communists Take Down Freedom

Did you know that in every country taken over by communism, all the isms always follow the same plan? Cuba, at one time, was a very wealthy country and was the role model for a successful communist country.

First, they network into an organization. Then they lie, cheat, and steal about something or someone to create distrust, chaos, and riots. They always blame others for the things they do. They have no empathy and use children as their slaves.

Everything is connected. Nothing is random. Everyone follows the same plan. ALL PLANS ARE BASED ON LIES.

They only care about MONEY, POWER, and CONTROL

JOIN US as we talk about RINOs and how the communists take over a country.



Chris Wright is an independent liberty activist who travels in Tea Party and libertarian circles. Anticommunism is one of his main areas of focus. He started the Anticommunism Action Team (ACAT) in 2013 to counter communist influence here and abroad. ACAT’s Speakers Bureau has presented at the Heritage Foundation and Leadership Institute and has been on Breitbart and LevinTV. ACAT speakers (survivors of communism and subject matter experts) are available free of charge anywhere in the world through videoconferencing. Free newsletter – your contact information is never sold or shared. His website is the home of the Anticommunism Action Team. Website: www.Spider-and-the-Fly.com.


Dr. Orlando Gutiérrez-Boronat is an award-winning author, co-founder, and spokesperson for the Cuban Democratic Directorate, an NGO seeking human rights and democratic change in Cuba funded by the National Endowment for Democracy. He launched Radio República, which reaches Cubans on the island every day with uncensored news and information through shortwave radio. He was instrumental in the creation of the Justice Cuba Commission, which investigates the crimes against humanity of the Cuban regime. An invited lecturer at Georgetown University and a community leader, Dr. Gutiérrez-Boronat holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy of International Studies from the University of Miami.

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EDITORS NOTE: This The Prism of America’s Education podcast is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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