13-Year Old ‘Drag Queen’ Performs at Event as Adults Cheer Him On — Graphic Images

This doesn’t just happen. This is being made to happen. Children emulate what they see.

Drag Queen Taught 11-Year-Olds About Anal Sex, Parent Complains

By: Peter Caddle, Breitbart News, March 13, 2023:

The parent of one child has alleged her 11-year-old was taught about anal and oral sex by a drag queen while attending her local school.

The mother of one 11-year-old has expressed outrage after her 11-year-old daughter was reportedly taught about both oral and anal sex by a drag queen while attending school.

It comes after another boy in the school was allegedly given detention by the same drag queen after he publicly rejected his claim that there are 73 genders.

According to a report by The Mail, the drag queen had come to the Queen Elizabeth II school located in the Crown Dependency of the Isle of Man to teach children sexual education.

Such lessons provided to children however are said to have been extremely graphic, with the educational facility reportedly being forced to suspend their sex education lessons after public outcry over the drag queen’s actions.

“When my daughter told me what had happened, I got onto the school immediately and asked them what on earth they were doing talking in such graphic detail,” one mother, whose young daughter was reportedly taught by the drag queen, reportedly told The Mail.

“My daughter is just 11 years old, she’s five years below the age of consent and is learning about anal sex and oral sex,” she explained. “What were the school thinking of?”

Although parents have expressed particular concern regarding the graphic content of the drag queen’s lessons, controversy has also emerged regarding the ideological nature of the lessons, which reportedly taught various tenets of transgenderism to children as fact.

According to The Telegraph, the guest speaker instructed children that there are 73 genders, and that when one 14-year-old boy challenged them on this, they were reportedly sent out of the room.

“You’ve upset me,” the drag queen reportedly said before ejecting the young teenager, who is said to have subsequently been given detention by the school for “being disruptive”.

Both the boy and his parents have rejected this claim made by the school, however, insisting that he was just “simply expressing his own opinion”.

“As far as I’m concerned you can’t change biology and I was amazed when I called the school to find out why my son had been given a detention,” the mother of the boy said.

“The fact our children are not allowed to have their own view, in other words that there are only two genders is disgusting,” she continued. “The teacher was drumming it into them that there were several genders and he just said as he is entitled to that he didn’t accept it and he was punished for having his own opinion.”

“There is absolutely no need to ram gender and pride down kids’ throats and the more it’s done then the more it just alienates the majority of parents and children,” she went on to say.

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Drag queen forces child to leave class for denying 73 genders, school teaches anal sex to 11-year-olds: report

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    Preposterous – yes these Drag Queens are evil demons and any of their activities which involve minors must be stopped now !


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