New Podcast to Tackle Today’s Critical Issues from a Biblical Worldview

The Washington Stand’s (TWS) new podcast is now available. The podcast, called “Outstanding,” will feature TWS writers and others exploring the news from a biblical worldview. With the aim of having critical conversations on the news of the day and the issues that shape us, the podcast is hosted by Joseph Backholm, Family Research Council’s senior fellow for Biblical Worldview and Strategic Engagement.

Washington Stand editor-in-chief Jared Bridges said, “Christians are instructed in 2 Corinthians 10:5 to ‘take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.’ In today’s media we have an abundance of thoughts speeding at us. At TWS, we wanted a way to help readers take some of these swirling thoughts captive from a biblical worldview. This podcast gives us a format for unpacking some of those big ideas and concepts we’re confronted with in the news every day.”

As Backholm put it, “There are so many stories other news outlets don’t want to cover. This will give us an opportunity to tell those stories in a way we haven’t been able to do before and reach a new audience as well.”

“People are confused about what’s happening in the world,” he went on, “and I look forward to helping people get clarity about what is happening in our ever-changing world so we can confidently do what God has called us to do.”

The podcast is now available on many popular podcast apps, including:

Episodes 1-4 are fully available at launch, and new episodes will be released each week, so interested listeners should subscribe to “Outstanding” on their favorite podcast app.


TWS Staff Report

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