PROPHECY TODAY PODCAST: The Banana Republic and a Congeries of Midgets

Alvin Bragg is the Laurentio Beria of our time.

Beria was the founder of the KGB, and a close confidant of Joseph Stalin. He is the one who famously told Stalin, “Show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.”

That’s what happened this week with the outrageous indictment of Donald Trump on misdemeanor campaign finance charges -magically escalated to felonies – and way beyond the statute of limitation.

Nancy Pelosi thinks a trial will be a good thing for Donald Trump because he will “be able to prove his innocence” in court. You can’t make this stuff up.

Paris has been rocked with violent demonstrations this week over Macron’s proposal to increase the retirement age from 62. Besides the absurdity of teachers and government bureaucrats protesting having to work beyond the age of 62, what we are seeing is a rejection of the elites by the population after decades of abuse at their hands. Never forget that the globalist Macron is the creature of World Economic Forum supremo Klaus Schwab.

I was asked by my good friend Rick DeYoung on this week’s segment of Prophecy Today if I felt there was a leadership vacuum within the European Union. I replied that in my view, Europe’s big countries, with the exception of Italy, are today led by a congeries of midgets.

Elsewhere, Russia is expanding the ranks of its allies well beyond China and Iran. A study by the Economist Intelligence Unit earlier this month found that countries openly supporting Russia and its war in Ukraine now account for 31% of the world’s population – and that’s not counting India, which pretends to be on the fence all the while gobbling up cheap Russian oil.

In sheer numbers, Putin’s allies have grown from 29 last year to 35 today.

One of Putin’s biggest allies, the Islamic State of Iran, sent its foreign minister to Moscow on Wednesday to meet with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. On the table: more Iranian drones for the Wagner Group, and the resumption of direct Tehran-Moscow flights by Pouya Air, the successor of an IRGC Quds Force airline.

Either the Iranian regime has decided to send its top terror operatives to enjoy the nightclubs along the Moskva River, or the Iranians plan on increasing weapons shipments to Russia. I just can’t guess which it might be.

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