Biden’s EPA ‘intentionally creating car shortages’ to force Americans into public transit

“Let’s call it what it is – a ‘gas-powered car ban.’” — Marc Morano, Climate Depot.

Watch: Morano on TV on Biden EPA’s EV mandates: ‘This is mandating car shortages for Americans’ to ‘force people into public transit’

Morano excerpt: “This is mandating car shortages for Americans…with the design of forcing more people into public transit. You will go nowhere and be happy. … Once we don’t have the freedom of movement in America that we have grown accustomed to, they will be able to put all sorts of other mandates on you as well. They are making gas-powered cars statutorily extinct…creating radical chaos and car shortages.” …

Bypassing Democracy: “This is why they loved COVID lockdowns, and this is a way of recreating it through a regulatory process. By the way, no one’s voting on 15-minute cities. No one’s voting on gas car bans. No one’s voting on banning meat eating. No one’s voting on killing high-yield agriculture. But yet, somehow, it’s all happening through corporate government collusion, all bypassing democracy.”

Biden’s EPA Chief Micheal Regan: “Together, today’s actions will accelerate our ongoing transition to a clean vehicles future, tackle the climate crisis head on…”

Morano: “It is easier to transition your gender than it is your energy, particularly on the energy timescales they’re talking about. So if you think it’s impossible for a man to have a baby, well, then it’s equally impossible to have solar and wind power our entire economy. That’s the kind of delusion we’re living in right now.”

Marc Morano: “We did not get to vote on whether we wanted to ban gas-powered cars — it’s just happening to us…They’re banning gas-powered cars. That’s the goal here. Gavin Newsom started in California – then many states had trigger laws to follow suit. This is now a corporate government collusion because you have the World Bank telling automakers we’re not going to finance the creation of gas-powered cars, you have corporate banks announcing they’re not going to give out car loans for gas-powered cars. And if you’re lucky enough to still have a gas-powered car in a decade, you now have cities across the country in Colorado, and California, banning the creation of new gas stations —  to do what? To create gas shortages.”

Morano: “This is the most insane part. China is now becoming the world’s number one automaker came out of nowhere, by the way, why because of the EV mandates because of the EV subsidies, and because of the banning on gas-powered cars throughout Europe, and the United States. We’re empowering China by doing this, and we’re doing nothing for the planet… You can’t even write a Hollywood script this dystopian, but this is what’s being imposed upon us as we speak.”

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  1. Royal A. Brown III
    Royal A. Brown III says:

    This will never happen. Once we re-elect POTUS Trump in 2024 this ridiculous Executive Order will be re-sended and the major US auto manufacturers know this..


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  3. […] Biden’s EPA ‘intentionally creating car shortages’ to force Americans into public transit […]

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