PERPETUAL WAR: Biden Announces New Ukraine Military Aid Package of Another $325 Million

Robbing Americans who can ill afford this rampant legal plunder to prop a brutal dictatorship. This is nothing short of war against our own country.

Billions for this evil clown (who closed the churches, imprisoned the priests, shut down the free press) and a big middle finger to Americans. America should be punishing this behavior not heaping billions, accolades and endless, sycophantic puff pieces in the government press.

U.S. announces new Ukraine military aid package of $325 million

By: Mike Brest, Washington Examiner, April 19, 2023:

The Biden administration has agreed to provide Ukraine with another $325 million of military equipment, officials announced on Wednesday.

This security package, which came via the presidential drawdown authority (meaning the weapons will come from existing U.S. stockpiles), provides Ukraine with more ammunition for U.S.-provided weapons, such as HIMARS, artillery rounds, anti-arms systems, small arms, logistics support vehicles, and maintenance support.

“We will continue to stand with our Ukrainian partners in response to Russia’s continued war of aggression,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement. “This new security assistance will enable Ukraine to continue to bravely defend itself in the face of Russia’s brutal, unprovoked and unjustified war. Russia could end its war today. Until Russia does, the United States and our allies and partners will stand united with Ukraine for as long as it takes.”

The administration’s announcement did not specify the quantity of munitions, but this package resembles other recent deliveries. This is the 36th package to come from the Defense Department’s stocks that will go to Ukraine since the war began in February 2022, and it brings the total U.S. military aid to nearly $36 billion.

This aid package comes days ahead of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s meeting with defense leaders from across the globe. On Friday, he and Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will convene with the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, which meets monthly, this time at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, to discuss Ukraine’s latest needs in the war.

Ukraine is expected to launch its offensive in the coming weeks to recapture occupied territory, though the Pentagon has not painted overly optimistic expectations. Some classified documents regarding the status of the war were among the hundreds allegedly released by Massachusetts Air National Guardsman Jack Teixeira.

One document, labeled “top secret,” which was from early February, warned that large “force generation and sustainment shortfalls” make it more likely that their offensive will result in only “modest territorial gains,” according to the Washington Post. There’s also a document dated Feb. 23 that provided an insight into the fighting in Ukraine’s Donbas region, which predicted a “grinding campaign of attrition” by Russia that “is likely heading toward a stalemate, thwarting Moscow’s goal to capture the entire region in 2023.”

Another leaked document indicated Ukraine has, at times, had alarmingly low levels of Western-supplied weaponry, specifically air defense and ammunition.

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