PODCAST: Can Biden Tell a Boy From a Girl?



Terry Jeffrey is editor in chief of CNSNews.com. Prior to that, he served for more than a decade as editor of Human Events, where he is now an editor at large. From 1987-91, he was an editorial writer for The Washington Times, which entered his investigative editorials about then-House Speaker Jim Wright for consideration for the Pulitzer Prize. In 1992, he served as issues and research director for Pat Buchanan’s first Republican presidential campaign. In 1995-96, he was national campaign manager for Pat Buchanan’s second Republican presidential campaign. Buchanan that year won the Alaska, Louisiana and Missouri caucuses, placed second in the Iowa caucuses, and won the New Hampshire primary.

TOPIC: Can Biden Tell a Boy From a Girl?


Kurt Couchman Senior Fellow FOR Fiscal Policy, at Americans for Prosperity. Kurts Experience is in congressional affairs, legislative drafting and review, policy analysis and advocacy, coalition building, public speaking and writing. Kurt’s Specialties: Economic policy generally, budget, health care, defense, foreign affairs, trade, congressional process. Kurt works at Building coalitions involving Congress, think tanks, advocacy organizations, journalists, academics, and business interests.

TOPIC: Blame O’Biden for another off-track budget season.

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