18-Year Old Male Showers With Four Terrified 14-Year Old Girls at Wisconsin High School

Institutionalized sexual abuse. No parent should entrusts their children to government schools.

An eighteen year old biological man, who identified as “trans,” entered the Sun Prairie high school locker room and showered naked next to four 14 year old girls. The biological male exposed his penis to the shocked and horrified freshman girls.


  • Did not contact a Title IX Coordinator
  • Did not file the required Title IX complaint
  • Did not support the girls and help them through the traumatic experience
  • Did not act as “mandatory reporters” and report the possible violation of Wisconsin Statute 948.10 (indecent exposure to minors).

Trans woman showered with four Wisconsin high school girls, violated their privacy, letter to district claims

Letter alleges trans woman exposed private area to underage girls

By Joshua Q. Nelson | Fox News

A letter sent by a law group on Thursday claimed that the Wisconsin-based Sun Praire Area School District [SPASD] has not “adequately” addressed a violation of students’ privacy rights after a transgender woman walked into a shower with four high school freshmen girls inside of it.

The letter, written by the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty (WILL) urges a response by the SPASD to resolve the issue and claims its actions have “been completely inadequate.”

“We are calling on you to address this immediately and put policies in place that will protect the safety and privacy of all students (and provide public notice of what those policies are),” WILL attorneys wrote.
school hallway

Fox News Digital saw an email from the Sun Prairie East High School principal that acknowledged the incident and said the situation should have never happened. (iStock)

According to the letter, titled “Serious Violation of Girls’ Privacy Rights in Sun Prairie East Locker Room,” four Sun Prairie East High School freshmen girls were disturbed when an alleged “undressed” 18-year-old transgender woman came into the locker room and got into the showers with the girls.

WILL attorneys’ letter claims that on March 3, four freshmen girls at EHS participated in a swim unit as part of their first-hour physical education class.

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