The 2020 Presidential Election—The Stolen Victory

As we approach the 2024 Presidential Primaries this column is republished to remember The Stolen Victory.

In a shocking turn of events that had left the nation reeling, the American people were robbed of their rightful choice for leadership. The last election, where Trump emerged as the clear winner, was marred by the actions of the shadowy Deep State. In this article, we delve into the nefarious tactics employed by this secretive group to undermine democracy and deny Trump his rightful place as the elected leader for a second term. This is truly a tale of deception, manipulation, and a struggle for justice in the face of a stolen victory.

Trump Won

Trump’s candidacy for a second term captivated the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. With his vision for a brighter future and unwavering commitment to serving the people, he emerged as a beacon of hope in a time of uncertainty. From the early stages of the campaign, it was evident that Trump resonated with the electorate like no other candidate. His charisma, authenticity, and dedication inspired a movement that swept across the nation, uniting Americans from all walks of life.

Trump’s striking victory was a reward for his tireless commitment to serving the American people. It was also the crowning achievement of an exceptional campaign whose brilliance and high tone demonstrated the vitality of our Constitutional Republic to the entire world while keeping them spellbound. In choosing Trump, the American people chose the path of change, openness, and optimism. They chose him because they wanted a leader who believed in them and believed in America. A leader who was willing and able to put an end to the corrupt decay of Washington, D. C. and an end to the Deep State.

The Deep State

But the Deep State all along had been plotting in the shadows. Their goal? To subvert the will of the people as usual and seize power for their own nefarious agenda. Employing a range of tactics, the Deep State orchestrated a web of deceit designed to undermine the democratic process right from the start. From spreading disinformation to manipulating key players within the electoral system, their actions were a direct assault on the principles of fair and transparent elections.

Betrayal and Treason

As the votes were tallied and the nation eagerly awaited the announcement of the rightful victor, the Deep State sprang into action. Utilizing their vast network of influence, they orchestrated a sinister flip-flop through widespread voter fraud, mail-in-Ballot, and changes in election rules and also used the extreme bias of the media to undo Trump’s legitimate win and send Biden to the White House in the US. While overseas, foreign interference via satellites includes the Five Eyes (US, UK, AUS, CAN, NZ), Leonardo, the Italian satellite, and some other European nations, (i.e., Germany) that were involved in voter fraud through the Dominion voting system by design.

How Trump Outlines the Methods of Deceit:

  1. Widespread voter fraud: Trump and his legal team pointed out widespread voter fraud, including illegal voting, dead people voting, and ballots being manipulated or fabricated.
  2. Mail-in Ballot: Right from the start, Trump warned about mail-in voting, knowing full well that it would lead to widespread fraud.
  3. Changes in election rules: Trump and his supporters argued that changes to election rules, such as expanded mail-in voting and early voting, were made in an unconstitutional and illegal manner. They rightly pointed out that this favored Democrats and compromised the integrity of the election.
  4. The bias of the media: Trump frequently lambasted the mainstream media, claiming that they were biased against him and intentionally suppressed information or favored his opponents. He argued that this bias contributed to the perception that the election was rigged against him.

Trump Was Right About the Media Bias

Take, for example, Time propagandist Ball’s assertion that when the media declared Biden the winner on November 7, there was widespread jubilation and people flooded the streets in cities across the United States to celebrate the democratic process that led to Trump’s removal. Although small gatherings may have occurred in Democratic strongholds like New York and Los Angeles, the polls conducted by even the biased media indicated that the majority of everyday Americans outside those areas believed the election was manipulated. Surprisingly, even one-third of Democrats felt that Trump was unfairly deprived of victory.

The propaganda piece fails to address the numerous sworn statements that provide substantial evidence of widespread voter fraud throughout the United States. Furthermore, it deliberately distorts easily verifiable facts. For instance, Ball falsely asserts that Trump encouraged his supporters in Washington D.C. to “go to the Capitol and ‘fight like hell.'” This is an inaccurate representation. In reality, Trump stated unequivocally that “we fight like hell” and emphasized that “if you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore.” When discussing the events at the Capitol, Trump explicitly urged his supporters to express their voices “peacefully and patriotically.” Ball conveniently ignores Trump’s repeated condemnations of the riots and his calls for peace, while dishonestly claiming that Trump referred to the rioters as “very special.” In truth, Trump referred to his supporters as “very special” and denounced the actions of the rioters on multiple occasions. The Time propaganda piece exhibits similar dishonesty throughout its entirety.

A Fight for Justice

Despite the overwhelming evidence of Trump’s victory, the Deep State’s grip on power seemed unyielding. But the American people refused to be silenced. Protests erupted across the nation as citizens demanded transparency and accountability. Grassroots movements formed, fighting tooth and nail to expose the truth and restore justice. The battle to reclaim Trump’s rightful place as the elected leader became a rallying cry for those who believed in the sanctity of our Constitutional Republic.


The story of Trump’s stolen election serves as a stark reminder that our democratic processes are not impervious to manipulation and subversion. The actions of the Deep State have shaken the very foundations of our democracy, casting doubt on the fairness of our electoral process. As we strive to uncover the truth and hold those responsible accountable, we must remain vigilant in our defense of democracy. Only through unity, transparency, and a resolute commitment to justice can we ensure that the will of the people prevails over the machinations of those who seek to undermine our democratic principles.

©2023 Amil Imani. All rights reserved.

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  1. Royal A Brown III
    Royal A Brown III says:

    Great article and totally True ! Yet the lying Democrats continue to call those of us who know the truth about this Stolen Election as “Election Deniers” and conspiracy theorists – no, we are the truth tellers.


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