SPECIAL REPORT: Diseases Coming Across the Southern Border

America is not only being bombarded with illegals, even terrorists, pouring across the formerly more secure Southern Border, but as you will learn in this SPECIAL REPORT on ARIZONA TODAY, a myriad of diseases are also coming into America with illegals from over 160-countries. I held with nationally known medical consultant Jean Rice, RN, BS/BA who has well over 40 years experience in the medical profession, this conversation is sobering, NOT theatrical or conspiracy theory but real and alarming!

WATCH: Arizona Today – SPECIAL REPORT with Jean Rice, RN

Acute diseases now arriving with illegals and refugees: third-world types of bacteria and parasites, new forms of lice and worms. Americans have not been exposed to these types of aggressive agents. Doctors not trained to identify or treat these new diseases.

  • Tuberculosis cases are rising across America, including treatment resistant TB.
  • Costs for counties and states to treat these new illnesses are extremely high – and rising.
  • More than 17 states in horror as to what they are challenged with now; real concern with what’s to come in months ahead.
  • Unscreened refugees brought into U.S. are now being integrated into our communities: NO background checks, NO medical history recorded; NO education on sanitation and basic hygiene; NO formal medical screening conducted.
  • Public or elected officials are not informed so proper decisions and preparedness can be accomplished.
  • 1 suspected and 1 confirmed case of Leprosy reported in Riverside, CA grade school
  • 150 high school students in Manhattan, Kansas ill with unknown parasite
  • 100 cases of Chlorine resistant bacteria were discovered in city swimming pool.
  • 150 people in 2 counties in AZ contract aggressive form of measles.
  • 2 dozen cases of TB reported in Kansas City high school after students came into contact with infected student.

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