Adidas Uses Men to Model Female Swimsuits

A world without women. This male dominated, misogynist far-left movement is erasing women. And the feminists lay down for it like dogs.

For all these many years I have been writing, exposing the feminist movement as a big lie. It is a misogynist movement rooted in Lenin-Marxist dogma. And now the feminist silence and sanction of the trans males in women’s sports is irrefutable proof.

Adidas ripped for male modeling women’s swimsuit as sportswear goes woke

First Nike teamed up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney to promote its sports bras, and now Adidas is using an intact male model to hawk its women’s swimwear.

The German-based sportswear giant was accused of seeking to mock, belittle and “erase” women by using an obviously male model to display its women’s one-piece Pride Swimsuit, part of its newly unveiled Pride 2023 collection.

Former NCAA All-American swimmer Riley Gaines said that companies like Adidas “want you to know that they think men make the best women.”

“It’s disgusting,” she told Outkick podcast host Dan Dakich. “You would think they would see the public response to the Nike sponsorship, where Dylan Mulvaney was sporting this sports bra, which is of course intended for only women.”

She pointed out that the shots of Dylan Mulvaney modeling Nike sports bras and women’s workout gear last month spurred boycott calls, and “Adidas saw this, yet still thought it was a good idea to implement this themselves.”

“To even remotely put this out there is belittling, it’s offensive, it’s demeaning to what it is to be a woman,” said Ms. Gaines, “because I promise you, if you have XX chromosomes, you do not look like that in a swimsuit.”

Indeed, many commentators noted that the model has chest hair and other physical attributes more commonly associated with men.

“Hey @adidas, does the $70 price of this women’s swimsuit include the cost of the sock to stuff down my crotch because, unlike your model, I don’t seem to have a penis to fill out that bulge,” tweeted British radio host Julie Hartley-Brewer. “And do I have to order the chest hair separately? Please let me know. Thanks.”

The Independent Women’s Network asked: “Why is @adidas advertising male bulges in their WOMEN’S swimwear line!?”

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