NATO military leaders met this week to discuss their first-ever coordinated war plans since the end of the Cold War.

You heard that right.

Not since 1991 has NATO had a coordinated war plan, which of course at that time was still aimed at defending Western Europe from a massive Soviet and Warsaw Pact invasion through the Fulda Gap in Germany.

All of NATO’s post Cold War military operations have been offensive and thus contrary to the defensive charter of the alliance. They were ad hoc adventures to punish the petty tyrant of the day: bombing Serbia, two wars against Saddam Hussein, the endless war in Afghanistan, bombing Libya, bombing Syria, and countless mini-wars in Africa.

Have any NATO members objected to this grotesque manipulation of the alliance’s charter? Not a one that I have heard.

Now NATO wants to put its imprint on an alliance-wide “defensive” war against Russia, since all of the Warsaw Pact countries now belong to NATO.

You might say, about time. Then again, you might also note that individual NATO countries began deploying their own forces to the confrontation line with Russia ever since the first Russian aggression beyond its borders in the Republic of Georgia in 2008. This is a trend that accentuated after the Russian take-over of Crimea in 2014.

My good friend Dr. Stephen Bryen, a former deputy undersecretary of defense in the Reagan administration, follows the Ukraine war in detail. He told the Bill Walton podcast this week that he believes Biden’s strategy is to defeat Putin and “dismember” Russia, goals that are neither in America’s national interest or in Europe’s. You can listen to the entire interview here.

One of the comments from the NATO commanders that struck me was their confidence in threat intelligence and early warning. As one commander put it, NATO had “transparency” into Putin’s buildup in Ukraine, thanks to military satellites, drones, and other sensors.

“For Ukraine, we had all the indicators quite in advance,” this commander said.

That left me stunned. If one thing has been constant since Putin’s initial buildup of forces along the Ukrainian border in March 2021, it has been the lack of reliable public information.

We the People are stuck in the Fog of War, with all sides – Russians, Ukrainians, Americans, NATO – lying like their lives depended on it.

The lesson this week is this: our elected representatives need to demand that our government stop lying to us – not just in Ukraine, but around the world.

The Durham report, released this week, was a good first step. It showed that the FBI, CIA, NSA, the Democrats and the media were all lying about Trump-Russia collusion.

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