Dutch Holocaust Memorial of Names Dedicated by Dutch Auschwitz Committee

Very near my home this monument has been erected.

Seventy years after the Second World War, more than 102,000 victims of the Holocaust will finally have their own memorial.

In Amsterdam, a memorial has been erected with the names of all the Dutch Holocaust victims.

This will finally provide the Netherlands with a tangible memorial where the 102,000 Jewish victims and 220 Sinti and Roma victims can be commemorated individually and collectively.

Up to now, no memorial in the Netherlands has listed each individual Holocaust victim by name. For surviving relatives, a place to commemorate family members is invaluable.

In addition, a memorial listing more than 102,000 names serves as a reminder to current and future generations of the dangers of racism and discrimination.

King to unveil National Holocaust Names Memorial

On Sunday afternoon 19 September 2021, His Majesty the King, together with Jacques Grishaver, chairman of the Dutch Auschwitz Committee, will unveil the new Holocaust Names Memorial in Amsterdam.

More than 75 years after World War II, a memorial dedicated to the over 102,000 Dutch victims of the Holocaust without a grave will finally be unveiled in the Netherlands. Designed by the Polish-American architect Daniël Libeskind, the memorial is located on Weesperstraat in Amsterdam. During a private ceremony on 19 September in the nearby courtyard garden of the Protestant Deaconry, Prime Minister Mark Rutte and City Mayor Femke Halsema will be among those to address a limited gathering of invited guests.
King Willem-Alexander, together with Jacques Grishaver, will then unveil the memorial in the presence of a number of survivors and descendants.

The National Holocaust Names Memorial is a tangible memorial where 102,000 Jews and 220 Sinti and Roma can be remembered both individually and collectively. This is the first memorial in the Netherlands that lists each individual Dutch victim of the Holocaust by name.

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