Anti-Christ Crown Revealed: Suspect Biden’s First Visit at RAF Mildenhall

The first occasion for travel of the Biden Coup Faux Presidency was in obeisance to the Crown  – landing at RAF Mildenhall with British Subject Kamala Harris, the daughter of a Jamaican UK father, in tow. Please see Kamala’s birth certificate by clicking here.

The Rothschilds-actuated Crown is the Satanic prime mover in all America’s woes  — a fact that must be refreshed to the American People’s comprehension promptly and widely.

They had five months to plan this look — this telegraphed Confirmation of Treason. Note: the Chinese Body Guard of  Suspect Joseph Biden.

See remarks at 55:42 minute mark:

Also see at  the 1:00:07 minute mark, dual US/UK Flag Medallions on Grandstand Livery — all but joined — during hangar address of  Thailand Colonel  and Suspect Jill Biden. 

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