Drain The Swamp from the School House to the White House & the Classroom to the Boardroom

“The object of education is to teach us to love what is beautiful.” — Plato, The Republic.

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” — Voltaire

“Big government is now the ‘opiate of the people.’” — Dr. Richard M. Swier, Ed.D., Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Army (Ret.)

It is time that all patriots band together and drain the swamp that is creeping toward every city, county, state and our national capital. The swamp is in the school house and in the White House. The swamp exists in every classroom and boardroom in America.

There are many swamp creatures but the most dangerous and deadly are those who attack our faith, families and freedoms.

Swamp creatures use various weapons against freedom loving patriots from the Covid-19 lockdowns and mandates to the control of what we eat, use, drive and how we live in order to “save the plant” from global warming.

But the most nefarious and most successful weapon is — EDUCATION!

It began in the afternoon of September 12th, 1905 at Peck’s Restaurant in downtown New York. That is the date that our current “cultural war” began led by the Intercollegiate Socialist Society or ISS.

MarxistHistory.org reported:

The Intercollegiate Socialist Society (ISS) was a national non-party group dedicated to the organization of current and former collegians for the socialist cause and the spreading of socialist ideas on campus.

There were at least two isolated cases of socialist organization on campus prior to the establishment of the ISS in September 1905. From about 1901 there was a college socialist club organized at the University of Wisconsin in Madison.

Chapters were often small and their names frequently did not emphasize their connection to the national society or even with the socialist cause, as was the case, for example, with the Wesleyan Social Study Club headed by Harry Laidler, one of the first organized and affiliated with the ISS. A second chapter was formed at Columbia University in New York City, with a student named Walter Lippmann playing the leading role. Over the course of the first three years, affiliated socialist clubs were organized at Harvard, Princeton, Barnard, New York University Law School, and the University of Pennsylvania.

Since 1904 education has become the “weapon of choice” used by the swamp to take our children and turn them against their own best interests and against their faith, their families and their freedoms to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

What is The Swamp’s Primary Weapon?

The swamp’s weapon against we the people is education.

Soviet politician, political theorist and revolutionary and the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1953 Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin wrote,

“Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.”

Education includes public school education K-12, college and university education, education provided by our military to its new recruits and to its leadership, corporate education and training, education one receives by reading books, watching films, television and reading newspapers and magazines. Each of the these forms of education can potentially become a weapon for “good” or “evil” depending on if it is in the hands of a patriot or a traitor and at whom it is aimed.

Ulysses S. Grant wrote,

“There are but two parties now: traitors and patriots. And I want hereafter to be ranked with the latter and, I trust, the stronger party.”

Who are Members of the Traitor Party?

Perhaps some examples of education that has been used against the faithful, traditional family and our freedoms can help us understand the breath and depth of their agenda.

  • Government grants to public, private and non-profits to portray Christian Americans as Nazis. The Biden administration is doling out taxpayer money through an anti-terrorism grant initiative to a university program that has explicitly lumped the Republican Party, as well as Christian and conservative groups, into the same category as Nazis, according to documents shared exclusively with Fox News Digital. DHS’s Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant Program (TVTP) provides funds to various public, private, and non-profit institutions — such as universities and county governments — “to establish or enhance capabilities to prevent targeted violence and terrorism.”
  • Childhood Red-Gender Guards. One of the most depressing stories of 2023 features a British teacher who claims to have been removed from her job in a prestigious, fee-paying English high school for the heinous crime of referring to her pupils as being female. This is despite the school in question being a girls’-only institution. Giving testimony to an independent enquiry into childhood gender dysphoria, the anonymous educator told of an occasion in May 2021 when she greeted her 11-year-old students with the innocuous phrase “good afternoon, girls”. Immediately, the politically primed students piously informed her that “not everyone here identifies as female”, even though they all clearly were. One particular classroom cadre even stood up and demanded the teacher “acknowledge their pronouns”. The following day, the girls all wrote their names on the whiteboard, together with their preferred pronouns – including one who affected the nonsensical labels “they/them”. The junior Red Guards even held a lunchtime protest against their “oppressor”, bearing home-made placards with modish slogans like “Trans lives matter”.
  • Government programs encouraging children to have sex, an abortion and use drugs without parental knowledge. As part of its month-long focus on adolescent health, the Biden administration is promoting a document that tells Planned Parenthood and other taxpayer-funded family planning offices how to talk to minors about sex without their parents overhearing, and how to secretly deliver birth control to adolescents without parental knowledge or consent. The plan to speak about sex one-on-one with impressionable youth begins during scheduling. “Confirm with youth clients that you have their phone number/contact information rather than their parents’ contact information,” the document tells federal grant recipients. “At the beginning of the visit, do a privacy screen. Ask ‘Are you alone in the room?’ or ‘Can other people hear what you are saying?’” The document links to a webinar which fleshes out these ideas in greater detail.

Corporations Embrace The Swamp

A number of American companies have embraced the swamp by educating their staffs on diversity, equity and inclusion. Among these are American companies like:

  • ANHEUSER-BUSCH. Its Bud Light division which embraced non-binary/gender fluid Dylan Mulvaney to market their Bud Light Brand, which has since lost 26% of sales and still plummets costing the company billions. Read more here, here and here.
  • TARGET. One of the first companies to stick out their necks for the LGBT agenda, Target was woke before woke was a word. So it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the chain who introduced a controversial line of “Love Is Love” shirts way back in 2012 was ready to board the transgender train. Back then, retail analyst Britt Beemer warned that the Target strategy isn’t “very smart,” especially in conservative states, where it does the biggest business. “Anytime a retailer gets away from doing what they should be doing by being involved in a social cause, [they lose].” Target got a taste of that last year, when the mega-retailer — who helped launch the war on gender six years ago with its mixed-gender bathrooms and fitting rooms — decided to fill its racks with merchandise to help young people reject the biological sex God gave them. From chest binders that strap down breasts to compression underwear to hide bulges for boys, Target is taking direct aim at America’s children.
  • LEVI STRAUSS. Last fall, Jennifer Sey, a longtime Levi’s executive, wrote a blockbuster book about the radical undercurrent at America’s oldest jeans company called, “Levi’s Unbuttoned: The Woke Mob Took My Job But Gave Me My Voice.” Sey’s candid, behind-the-scenes tell-all made quite a splash, especially her frank assessment of upper management’s radical politics. “Today’s executives reared these kids with an ‘I’m not your Dad, I’m your friend’ parenting philosophy, and they chase their children’s approval,” she writes. “They want to impress their woke kids with their own progressive bona fides.” Their latest idea? A gender-neutral clothing line. CEO Chip Bergh announced the idea this month, dismissing any fears about “a Bud Light-type backlash” against the 170-year-old company. Unisex clothing, he argued, is the wave of the future in a supposedly trans-accepting society.
  • STARBUCKS. Anyone who’s ordered a cup from the iconic green mermaid has been fueling more than their caffeine fix — they’ve been financing the movement to trans our sons and daughters. After a divisive pronoun campaign in 2019 called #WhatsYourName, the mega-retailer one-upped America’s other woke CEOs last year by offering to ship employees’ children out of state to change their sex. A statement from the company’s Sara Kelly announced that Starbucks is committed to the most outrageous forms of corporate activism — including paid travel for transgender surgery. “Regardless of where you live or what you believe, partners enrolled in Starbucks healthcare will now be offered reimbursement for eligible travel expenses when accessing abortion or gender-affirming procedures when those services are not available within 100 miles of a partner’s home.”
  • SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. Men who picked up a copy of the 2023 swimsuit edition hoping to see actual women at the beach are in for quite a surprise with this year’s edition. Instead of a biological female on the cover, the woke magazine opted for Kim Petras, a busty man who underwent gender-transition surgery at age 16. “I was so excited when I got the call to be in Sports Illustrated,” Petras, a German-born singer, told SI. “It’s very iconic, and a lot of very iconic people have done it before, so [it was a] big dream come true for me.” Asked about the pushback he might get, 30-year-old Petras replied, “It’s definitely a scary time to be transgender in America, but there’s also so much more representation than there’s ever been, and there’s so many things on the bright side.” Back in 2006, the singer was considered “the world’s youngest transsexual” after he appeared on a television show describing his transition, which started with hormones at just 12 years old.

The Bottom Line

Faith, family and freedom are the bedrock values of patriots. Faith breeds morals, values, good behavior and gives one a higher calling. God rules the world, not governments. The traditional family of one woman, one man and their biological children are the foundation of our culture and society.

Our freedoms are outlined in our Constitution. Without those freedoms there is only one road and that road leads to the the gulag.

It is not a cliché that our very lives, liberties and pursuit of happiness are in grave danger.

Today,  big government has now become the ‘opiate of the people!

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.


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4 replies
  1. Royal Allen Brown III
    Royal Allen Brown III says:

    The LGBTMQxyz agenda has permiated our public schools even in Red States and Red Counties. The answer is school choice including homeschooling; private schools; microschools, etc. Public School Districts do not like competition.

    Also must elect conservatives with Christian values to our School Boards and stop collecting Teacher’s Union Dues by School Districts.

  2. Van Snyder
    Van Snyder says:

    Whenever I meet an opponent of school choice, I quote from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, because I’m sure they hold the UN above the US.

    Article 26.3:

    “Parents have a prior right to choose the kind of education that shall be given to their children.”


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