VIDEO: Interview with AZ Senator Sonny Borrelli on his Election Integrity Bill

A basic fundamental privilege (gift) given to WE THE PEOPLE by our forefathers is the right to free and open elections, so WE THE PEOPLE may elect whom we choose to represent us in elected office. We are not to be subjected to who has been selected by Elites. Since November 2020, Arizona has fought an incredible fight against forces of both elected and “others” who resent the notion that the people have a choice, an opinion in electoral matters. The fight in Arizona, which spread to six other states has been brutal at-times, most difficult and time consuming, and with many set backs. But Arizona continued to fight the good fight! What you are about to view on this ARIZONA TODAY SPECIAL REPORT is another step to restore election integrity.

Arizona State Senator, Sonny Borrelli, Majority Leader of the State Senate, has continued to fight for the gift given to us, and with this SPECIAL REPORT, you will learn of a brilliant maneuver the senator shepherded through both chambers of the Arizona Legislature. The Joint Concurrent Resolution authored by Borrelli is applicable in your state, too! It is a safe-guard given to us by the U.S. Constitution for such a time as this. When you have despots forcing their ways, their political and positional clout at the expense of WE THE PEOPLE, it is still the state legislatures in each state within the union who can prescribe Time, Place and Manner of an election. Two days ago, I released another SPECIAL REPORT with former Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem with whom I discussed this Joint Concurrent Resolution as preliminary to what you are about to hear and learn from the actual sponsor, Senator Sonny Borrelli. These two shows are national in scope since they may lead other state legislators to copy Arizona.

Please distribute this show to all on your mailing list. Please help me get this information out since the establishment, and all their acolytes will not touch this topic save to discredit it in any manner possible. Please continue to pray that many will begin to stand and fight the good fight to keep our blessed and exceptional nation from going under. If you can, please contribute to ARIZONA TODAY by going to my website: and clicking on the PayPal button. Thank you most sincerely for your prayers and your support.

Arizona Today – Special Report with AZ Senator Sonny Borrelli

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